MICE Poland on the assets of Krakow

The MICE Poland monthly magazine has just published the findings of a report which analyzed the meetings industry in Krakow in 2011. More than 350,000 people participated in Krakow-based meetings last year; the majority of foreigners were German, British, or French. Approximately 49% of all the events were commissioned by Polish companies. Out of all meetings industry events in Poland, 8,304 were organised in Krakow. The city also hosted 1,403 international conferences.

How were the data collected?

The study was conducted by an expert team of academics from the Chair of Tourism at the Krakow University of Economics commissioned by the Convention Bureau. Two groups of respondents were polled. The first group were managers of meetings industry facilities (e.g. hotels, cultural institutions, universities). The other included recommended Krakow PCOs and selected Polish PCO/DMC companies which organise meetings throughout the city. The purpose of the study was to describe the MICE industry with a focus on business tourism organisers, to describe commissioners and participants, and to determine which specific assets of the city attract business groups from Poland and abroad. Questions prepared by the academics were answered by: organisers of MICE events, representatives from companies that hold events in Krakow, facility owners, and participants of the European Tourism Forum.

The most frequently mentioned assets of Krakow included tourist attractions (more than 75% of the respondents) and image. Almost half of those polled emphasised Krakow’s well-developed infrastructure; the participants of the European Tourism Forum pointed to the museums and culture available in the city.

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You can download the full version of the report. Other studies are also available online at: www.conventionkrakow.pl.

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