Moscow City Ballet - Swan Lake at ICE Kraków

It has become a tradition that when the first snow falls on the trees and the evenings get longer, Poland is visited by a group founded by outstanding choreographer Victor Smirnov-Golovanov – THE MOSCOW CITY BALLET. This year, the world-famous group of classical dancers will present three exceptional plays, including Swan Lake – the story of a struggle between good and evil, the strength of love and affection which can surpass the border between life and death. 

Moscow City Ballet performances are characterised by their stunning costumes, impressive choreography, magical lights and captivating stage design, and as critics say, it is hard to resist the charm of the group, nor it is easy to forget them – they create art that is so great, that it is an immense experience even for those who dislike dancing. The emotions and impressions inspired by the Moscow City Ballet cannot be described – you simply have to experience them. In the past years, their performances in Poland were seen by over 200 000 viewers, leaving their plays with burning cheeks, excited by the magical atmosphere of the shows. The talent of the dancers and their professionalism, which was made possible by years of hard training leaves a lasting impression, just like the expression of their movement, combined with a fantastic choreography shows us that the Russians really love ballet. The founder of the Moscow City Ballet, Victor Smirnov-Golovanov once said: “All the characters from the ballets live in me: I am Clara, I am the Prince, I am the Mouse King... It all lives in me.” Perhaps it is the secret of their impressive international success. Those who did not yet have an opportunity to admire the group’s talent and those who would like to once again experience these beautiful moments will have an opportunity to do so in December, when the Moscow City Ballet will present the most famous plays in the world: Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Don Quixote. 

Swan Lake is loved by the Polish audience. The success of this play is based on an impressive choreography and music. The simplicity of the plot, and the moving interpretation of Siegfried's and Odette’s love story, as a symbol for the strength of affection are reflected in the emotional choreography, illustrating the inner experiences of the protagonists. The enchanting waltzes, proud rhythms of the polonaise, fiery Spanish dance and the temperamental csárdás will hypnotize the audience to the exceptional atmosphere. Another undeniable value of the play is the music, captivating with its beauty and the subtlety of its melodies. It is not divided into parts and musical divertissement, typical for the majority of ballets, but instead combines into a symphonic poem, illustrated with dance. Thanks to that it is incredible “legible” for every dancer, and – what is even more important – for every viewer and listener, since it combines all themes into a single, uniform story from the very beginning to the last notes. The girls turned into Swans, the Evil Spirit and emotions which surpass the border between life and death keep moving the audiences worldwide.

The shows presented by the Russian dancers have brought the viewers into the world of childhood dreams: a colourful fairy-tale realm, filled with magic and spells, where everything always ends well.

17.12.2016, 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
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