MOSCOW CITY BALLET visits Krakow in December!

Traditionally, in the winter time, when all looks and gloomy and sad outside the window, the Moscow City Ballet comes to Poland to take the spectators into a world full of positive energy, the world of fairy-tale and beauty. This year, the Krakow audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the ballet’s two most famous and world-acclaimed spectacles: The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

The Moscow City Ballet , founded by the eminent choreographer Victor Smirnov-– Golovanov, is a renowned dance ensemble whom the Polish audience came to love many years ago, and is now highly acclaimed and admired. Over the last couple of years, over 150 000 people in Poland have seen its spectacles! The audience appreciates the fact the ballet represents the classical dance technique represented by the most talented and graceful dancers, who have reached the highest perfection in dance after years of heavy exercise. After the Moscow City Ballet’s performances the public leaves the theatre with flushed cheeks, enchanted by the dancers’ huge talents and the magical atmosphere they create.

The Moscow City Ballet will come to Poland with its two most famous performances. One of them is The Nutcracker, which The New York Times called dazzling and breath-taking. It is a journey to the land of dreams. A small girl receives a nutcracker as a present, then in her dream, the toy turns into the prince charming, while she is a princess. Later they wander together through the Land of Sweets, where everything smells sweet and fragrant, everybody is merry. W poszczególnych scenach balet wykonuje charakterystyczne tańce: Sugar Fairy’s DanceSpanish DanceArab Dance, Chinese DanceTrepak (Russian Dance), Dance of the Reed Flute and finally The Waltz of the Flowers. Clara is delighted and at the end she wakes up in an armchair holding the toy in her arms. Dazzling sequin-decorated costumes add to the performance’s magical effect and its air of a fairy tale.

Another spectacle of the Moscow City Ballet is Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, the composer’s most famous ballet, and the most adored by the public. Its lyricism, poetic fantasy and splendid choreography have captivated the audiences for years. Love and drama interweaves with each other like in kaleidoscope. The ballet’s fine music enhances the overall effect of the spectacle, illustrating a whole gamut and power of feelings of the characters, from disappointment to love. Girls turned into swans by the spell cast on them by the evil sorcerer and the feelings which go beyond the borders of life and death move the hearts of the viewers all over the world.

The admirable expression of the dancers’ movements , combined with fantastic choreography, show how much the Russians love ballet. The founder of the Moscow City Ballet, Victor Smirnov-Golovanov once said: All the characters of my ballets live in me; I am Clara, the Prince, and the Mouse King... all of them live in me... Perhaps it is the secret of the ballet’s overwhelming international success. Its impressive choreography dazzling costumes, the magic play of light and the splendid stage design – all of these adds up to create the Moscow City Ballet’s performance, making a breath-taking whole. According to critics, the ballet ensemble’s charms are irresistible and unforgettable. They create such great art that it is a unique experience even for those who don’t like dance. The impressions and emotions the Moscow City Ballet rises are hard to describe, you just have to experience them on your own!


This year, on the 5th and the 6th of December, the Krakow audience will have the opportunity to admire the Moscow City Ballet’s two world-famous performances: The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Don’t miss out!

5-6 December – Kraków, 
 ICE Kraków Congress centre

Tickets on sale from Friday, 29.08, 12.00 (noon)

via,, and at Empik shops.

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