MozART Group at ICE Kraków Congress Centre on 4 March 2018

Highest quality entertainment has been their trademark since the mid-1990s. They make the most discontented smile and the toughest shed the odd tear. The MozART Group, a household name in Poland, will give special concerts on 4 March at the ICE Krakow Congress Centre. It will be joined by special guests who have accompanied the Group for 25 years, i.a. Piotr Bałtorczyk, Ireneusz Krosny, Artur Andrus and Adam Sztaba.

Some successful 1990s artists, who withdrew from the limelight, are now attempting come-backs. The legendary Ich Troje is a case in point here... But not the MozART Group! They enjoy long scene life and success thanks to friendly relations with their audiences and the artistic friendships they forged. From the very outset of its career, the quartet readily established cooperation with many artists. Joint concerts, never-ending discussions at rehearsals, on the road or in dressing rooms shaped strong bonds which evolved into friendship.

It’s high time to celebrate these friendships! Who will accompany the MozART Group in Krakow?

Ireneusz Krosny, the MozART’s Group inseparable mime. For many years, he has not just accompanied the Group on stage, but also unwittingly taught them some cabaret craft.

Artur Andrus, to whom the MozART Group always happily provides accompaniment, supports the quartet and is living proof that there are many sensitive listeners who enjoy quality art and performances.

Adam Sztaba, Polish composer, piano player, arranger, conductor and musical producer, as well as TV personality. He loves performing with the MozART Group. Obviously, the MozART Group reciprocates his feelings.

Piotr Bałtroczyk – legendary announcer who does his utmost to conceal his affection for the MozART Group with his acerbic comments.

The concert will also receive a virtual visit of i.a. the Mocarciątka Group. New technologies will bring Zbigniew Wodecki, the late friend of the MozART Group, to the National Music Forum.

The intention of the “MozART Group and Friends” concert is spend two hours in an atmosphere filled with kindness and friendliness. Each Artist will perform his own pieces, some together with the quartet. The MozART Group will also play its biggest hits. All that in an ambience or inconcealable friendship.

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