October at ICE Krakow construction site

The weather this October was favourable to construction works of ICE Krakow Congress Centre. Throughout the whole month, construction works above the "0" level were carried out in all segments of the building: walls, pillars and girders were erected up to +5.50 m level. The most advanced works involve the backstage segment, where elements above the +5.50 m level are being erected, and the Theatre Hall segment, where ceilings of the ground floor are being constructed. Works scheduled for the first half of November include the sewage system and rain drain installations (so far, three out of six connection points have been installed). Works involving vertical insulation on external surfaces of foundations and gravel supports have been completed. The lightning protection system and electrical bonding are being installed and anchor plates, which stabilized slurry walls, are being removed, while the holes from removed anchors are being sealed.

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