Open Eyes Economy Summit 2017

OEES² is the second edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit, an international summit on economy based on social value. 

Poland, Europe and the world thinking in terms of responsibility for society, environment and sustainable development.

The unique atmosphere of the ICE Krakow Congress Centre filled with people who care.

Best practices from across the planet, the biggest challenges facing civilisation and how to solve them.

The informal atmosphere, inventive programme formula, active participation from corporate presidents, prime ministers, ministers, academics, students – provide the opportunity for open and informed discussion about what really matters.

Two days of opening eyes about the most important challenges of our times, which can be creatively and responsibly solved.

Globally and locally.

We will have with us: Günter Verheugen, Zhu Wenyi, Jerzy Buzek, Jan Gehl, Jerzy Hausner, Ove Kaj Pedersen, Dominique Jacquet, Robert Madelin.

YOU should also be there!

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