Over 100 local gastronomy leaders will join forces and experiences at ICE Krakow.

– We are AT YOUR SERVICE - is a campaign aimed at supporting the professionalization ant development of the gastronomy sector. As part of the Campaign, gastronomy managers will join forces in a regional training conference MADE RESTAURANT in Krakow. ‘Employ, engage and profit’ is the main theme of the meeting, which seeks to integrate the most active entrepreneurs around a common problem for the sector, i.e. lack of loyal, trained staff.

‘We need to change the image of the gastronomy sector in Poland, so that employees stop treating it as ‘temporary work’ and start seeing the sector as an opportunity for profitable, professional development as is the case in the West’ says Krzysztof Janiszewski – co-owner of one of Poland’s best restaurants – SENSES (Michelin stars) when debating the need to change the sector at a session organized by the MADE team.

‘How can this be done?’ The leaders in the sector should build their Employer Brand. This is the goal of the campaign AT YOUR SERVICE which supports professionalization and development of the gastronomic sector. The Krakow conference will initiate an all-Poland tournee for the Campaign, which will involve meetings in several of Poland’s main cities, including Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań. The Campaign seeks to integrate leaders in the sector and to work out solutions to the biggest problems in development and professionalization of the sector.

The meetings will involve participation of restaurateurs, chefs, managers, sommeliers, media and suppliers, as well as representatives of local authorities, who want to actively support local businesses.

Katarzyna Derdzińska, a MADE managing partner, points out that during the conference, ‘we will focus on employee issues (the employer brand, recruitment, motivation, loyalty). We will share data, facts and good practice among those who are achieving success in the regions. We are delighted that the City of Krakow is supporting our initiative and is our partner in this work’.

‘The conference, just like our Krakow Network initiative, is an excellent opportunity to network with local businesses’ says Paula Fanderowska – Deputy Director of the KFO responsible for the ICE Krakow Congress Centre who is also an organizational partner in the event.

The conference programme will include lectures, debates and heated discussion with outstanding practitioners from the sector. They will discuss how to manage effectively and ensure that employee loyalty translates into sales and marketing, while providing guests with a unique experience in the restaurant. Participants will also learn about possibilities of support from local authorities, as well as from suppliers/producers. Training, workshops, motivational systems offered by suppliers are forms of support that provide for the development of competencies and motivation among employees in the gastronomy sector.

Specialists will be outstanding practitioners from the gastronomy sector from the region, owners, kitchen chefs, including Krzysztof Żurek (Trzy Rybki, Hotel Stary) and Marcin Filipkiewicz (Hotel Copernicus), Tomek Gut (Restauracja Zakopiańska), Dominika Senderska (Fabryka Pizzy), Justyna Kosmala (Charlotte). Who else will appear? Piotr Kawicki (Horeca Key Account Manager, Nespresso), Kacper Byrcyn (owner, Optimuswork), Malgorzata Burzyńska (Commercial Manager, Food&Friends), Aleksandra Skuza-Kaszuba (restaurateur, Zazie Bistro and Karakter), Daniel Myśliwiec (Chef, co-owner Karakter), Jarosław Walczyk (President, Foundation Chefs’ Club), Manda Wójcik (Restaurant Week Polska), Miłosz Kowalski (Chef, Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport), Marcin Wachowicz (restaurateur, Aioli, Momu, Banjaluka), Ziemowit Majewski (Director-General, Doubletree by Hilton Krakow), Dorota Minta (Personal trainer, Chef Hunters), Tomasz Hartman (President Foundation Food Think Tank). These and other practitioners will together create the programme for this event.

In the programme:



Networking in practice



Lunch prepared by the ‘Biała Róża’ Restaurant and Master Chef Łukasz Cichy.


Debate of the most active HORECA suppliers in the region:


Stories and experiences of restaurateurs – ‘SHARING OUR EXPERIENCES AS EMPLOYERS’

Motivational session

The organiser of this event is the MADE professional team, which specialises in organising educational campaigns, events and projects in the HORECA sector. Agnieszka Małkiewicz (marketing and PR) and Katarzyna Derdzińska (HR and business development) are joining forces with leaders from the sector, this time from Krakow and surroundings, in order to confront together the myths that we must contend with.

The informational-educational campaign AT YOUR SERVICE is an initiative of gastronomy practitioners, who are dealing with the biggest difficulties and myths affecting the sector, showing the most effective ways of getting out of business difficulties. National level actions are creating new models and tools. The event organiser – the MADE team – assures access to knowledge of the best practitioners in the marketplace and the solutions and business practices implemented by them. The team encourages discussion with restaurateurs, suppliers, kitchen chefs, managers by creating a platform for communication and dialogue based on events taking place across Poland, such as the MADE RESTAURANT conference. In 2017, the Campaign will visit Krakow, Warsaw, Poznań, the Tri-City and Wrocław.

For details of the Campaign and Conference, see: maderestaurant.pl/krakow/

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