Patricia Kaas En Concert!

While the world is dominated by British and American artists, French performers enjoy unwavering fame. One of the most prominent of them is Patricia Kaas. Each of her albums and tours is a true artistic event around the world. The artist, the youngest of seven siblings from the Forbach area, deserves her success. First, because she is endowed with a truly original timbre, second, thanks to her hard work. Patricia knows how to use her skills, like a diamond in the rough.

The exceptional French vocalist will return in June at the special request of audiences, for four exceptional concerts in Wrocław, Krakow, Warsaw and Katowice Patricia Kaas is an icon in Eastern Europe, Asia, Germany and many other countries, where she is the essence of the spirit of the eternal French chanson, but above all, she is a wonderful live performer. French music has been very popular in Poland for many years. The characteristic hoarseness of the singers and the romantic language combine with music, giving in a sensational effect each time.

The long-awaited tenth, double album simply entitled Patricia Kaas was released 18 November 2016! Four years after the previous album, Kaas Chante Piaf (Gold Record in Poland!, Dream Music, 2012), the artist returns with new material, her first fully original material in 13 years. Patricia Kaas is a collection of 13 new songs, including two singles, “Le jour et l’heure” and “Madame tout le monde”. The second disc includes acoustic versions of five of Patricia's songs.

On this occasion, the singer is embarking on a huge world tour, which will also include our city. In June, we will have the perfect opportunity to hear live versions of the artist's newest hits, as well as the unforgettable ones, such as “Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues”, “Les Hommes Qui Passent” and “Mon mec a moi”.

Despite the huge success she has achieved worldwide, Patricia Kaas is a friendly and humble person, for whom the most important thing is music and the people who enjoy it as much as she can. At concerts, she seduces with her voice and enchants with her personality, and the energy she is bursting with, mixed with nostalgia, infects the audience. Her every performance is a true artistic event.

Patricia Kaas En Concert!

16.06.2017 19.00

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