Paula Fanderowska of ICE Kraków elected Deputy President of the Polish Conference and Congress Association

At its most recent General Meeting the Polish Conference and Congress Association passed resolutions on its further development and elected its new board members. Paula Fanderowska,  Deputy Director for ICE Kraków Congress Centre at the Krakow Festival Office, was elected Deputy  President of the Board of the Polish Conference and Congress Association.

A priority task of the Associaton is to carry out the Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme and the organisation of the annual Gala of Polish Congress Ambassadors.  In view of the development of the Ambassadors Programme and the implementation of the strategy for the programme development, the Association will create new or support existing local Clubs of Polish Congress Ambassadors and actively cooperate with the Ambassadors in attracting international congresses to Poland. Under the public task commissioned to the Association in the call for proposals by the Department of Tourism of the  Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Association will carry out the project to build a network of territorial brands in business tourism under the umbrella brand  ”Meet in Poland”, aimed to create a cohesive image and content of the product: International Congresses and Conferences in Poland. Under the Project we will create promotional materials that, on the one hand, will be standardised, but on the other hand their form will permit a customised congress offer. This is related with the specificity of the market and individual needs of  the present and prospective Polish Congress Ambassadors. The success of the Project will be to attract 20 international congresses on the 20th anniversary of the Association.

The Association will continue educational programmes addressed to the industry, and namely: Meetings Week Poland (in 2018 the Association will be the event coordinator), academies for  conference and congress planners and organisers, and business mixers. The Association also plans to create and develop a loyalty programme for its members and business clients

The General Meeting elected the new Board, including only two members from the previous Board:  Anna Jędrocha, the President of the Board, and  Krystyna Gołąbek – Deputy President of the Board. Both of them will continue to hold their posts. Anna Jędrocha will be in charge of the task ”Meet in Poland” and the loyalty programme, whilst Krystyna Gołąbek will be in charge for educational programmes. The membership of the Board will also consist of three more members:  Paula Fanderowska, who will hold the post of the Deputy President. Karolina Widawska – the new Secretary General of the Association, and Grzegorz Słyszyk – a Board Member.

Paula Fanderowska is a Deputy Director for  ICE Kraków Congress Centre at the Krakow Festival Office, the Centre’s operator. For years she worked for the International Cooperation Bureau at the Office of the City of Krakow, where she was in charge of cooperation with Spanish-speaking countries. From 2010 to2014 she was the Consul of the Republic of Poland in Caracas, Venezuela. After the term of her diplomatic mission started working for the ICE Kraków Congress Centre and the Krakow Festival Office. She is in charge of the supervision and coordination of  ICE Kraków Congress Centre’s activities. In the association she will be in charge of the Ambassadors of Polish Congresses programme.

Karolina Widawska, in her capacity as the Secretary General, will represent the Association vis à vis other organisations institutions and state administration. Professionally, she is connected with  Business Service Galop in Katowice.

Grzegorz Słyszyk , the new President of the Board of EXPO XXI, a modern exhibition and conference facility in Warsaw, was also elected to the membership in the Association Board.

The General Meeting decided not to change the previous-term membership in the Audit Committee, which includes: Tomasz Nowak, Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka  and Ewa Kossakowska.

The General Meeting also decided to appoint the Association’s Programme Board. This task was  entrusted to Piotr Wilczek, who will hold the post of the President of the Programme Board. Representatives of important government, local government and scientific institutions, as well as businesspeople who have important influence on the  development of the meetings industry will be invited to eh Board. The Board will set directions for the Association’s activities and give opinions on its projects.

The General Meeting  passed a resolution on awarding honorary membership to two individuals who contributed to the Association’s development,  the pioneers of Polish business tourism, initiators of the Association that would not reach its present level of development without them. The honorary members are the former Presidents of the Association:  Irena Sokołowska and Sławomir Wróblewski.




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