Polonia Minor - Voo Voo and Trebunie Tutki with their new joint album at the ICE Kraków!

The joint concerts by Voo Voo and Trebunie Tutki are incredible meetings, with beautiful and wise lyrics and with thrilling and touching music performed by fantastic musicians.

After the success of their first joint album, Tischner (Gold Record, nomination for the Fryderyk and numerous other music awards), this time, we’re setting off on a musical journey – world music straight from Poland – to the beautiful Małopolska region and its capital – the majestic and familiar Krakow, witness to the history and development of many cultures. Multicultural, colourful Małopolska, both the modern and the one that no longer exists, remains in music full of yearning songs, melodies from the mountains, hills and valleys, and in rousing dances. The musicians will take us into regions both known and forgotten, we’ll hear influences of the Roma, Jewish, Lemko and of course Highland – but treated more broadly, as an element of the rich, ancient culture of the Carpathians, the shepherd – cultures. Leaders of the bands – Wojciech Waglewski and Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka – who both come from Małopolska, will share their vision of understanding through music with the audience – across boundaries, religions and worldviews. We are all from SOMEWHERE, we have our roots, we travel, we remember – or not. And we all return…

21st of May 2016 at 8:30 PM in the Auditorium Hall at ICE Kraków

Tickets available at www.eventim.pl



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