Presenting the new spot for ICE Krakow!

The ICE Krakow Congress Centre is like a living organism, teeming with life 24 hours a day. The work at the venue near the Grunwald Roundabout is almost always in full swing... This year we managed to organise 177 events for almost 250000 participants.

The new spot showcases ICE Krakow as an ecosystem, presenting all elements of this efficient and very dynamic system, as well as showing the new quality of project implementation. Regardless of the type of the event - a concert, conference, congress or trade show - every detail of its composition integrates perfectly with the rest,, building the harmony of the ICE Krakow Congress Centre environment.

Filming for the spot was done by the renowned Marcin Łaskawiec, with the same camera brand as that used for shooting the award-winning film The Revenant. Post-production involved techniques such as rotoscopy, tracking, keying and 3D modelling.

Media contact

All journalists interested in the events organized in the ICE Kraków, please contact

Michał Zalewski
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