September at ICE Krakow construction site

Work at the ICE Kraków construction site is continuing  at full pace, and the congress centre is looking more impressive by the minute. September involved works on the raw-state reinforced concrete structures of the auditorium hall and foyer segments.

The installation of steel roof structures has been finished in the rear segment, and the roof covering is due to be completed soon. Other works involved the installation of electric systems, sanitary systems, low-current systems, drywall fitting, as well as plastering at all levels.

The fitting of the steel installation between the auditorium hall and the large hall has also been completed. Reinforced concrete works within the auditorium hall segment are at the final stage, whilst the secondary steel installation has already been fitted. The secondary audience section and the roof structures are being constructed. Work has started on finishing processes, as well as on the installation of electric systems and low-current systems.

The installation of the roof within the large hall segment has been completed, and the installation of the roof covering over the stage, plastering and the installation of electric systems and sanitary systems continues.

The fitting of the steel hall structure and the steel roof structure in the foyer segment has been completed. The fitting of troughed sheets (roof covering) has begun. Roof supports have been constructed on the steel installations on all storeys.

Work continues – and will soon be completed – on the underground storeys (garages), involving the installation of electric systems, low-current systems, the water and sewer system, the hydrant system, the cooling system, the sprinkler system, the ventilation and climate control system, as well as the central heating and technological heat system. Floors with a linear dewatering system are being constructed on storeys -1 and -2.

The cooling units and some of the ventilating units have also already been installed at the ICE Kraków centre. The implementation of a BMS building maintenance system has been initiated.

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