Siataniści is disappearing

The redevelopment of the road system around the ICE Congress Centre has begun. The Siataniści (Shopanists) mural produced by Grupa Twożywo (Mariusz Libel and Krzysztof Sidorek) for the first edition of the ArtBoom festival is slowly being removed from the wall of the building at ul. Barska 63. It was obvious from the beginning that the building would be demolished. Still, the mural was there for five years getting thousands of fans.

Siataniści (Shopanists) is a play on words based on a social context. The image of young people loaded down with large shopping bags (Polish informal: siata) – well-known to everyone from everyday life – presented on the mural was juxtaposed with the notion of Satanism: Satanism understood as temptation, turning to and losing oneself in satisfying one’s own needs and indulging one’s own whims. The artists ask us a question: doesn’t the need for a new ideology which may be a cult of one’s own self, sought by this trend, manifest itself in numerous aspects of our lives (purchasing the often unnecessary material goods may serve as an example)?

The Twożywo group was an artistic duo established in 1998 by Mariusz Libel (born 1978) and Krzysztof Sidorek (born 1976). They worked in public spaces, engaging the audience in social-existential subject matter. They used various media for their projects. They produced posters, stencils, stickers, billboards, animated films, press illustrations, and murals. They also created numerous net-art projects and themed curator campaigns. Their projects were carried out both in Poland and abroad. They worked in Warsaw, Wrocław, Toruń, Poznań, and Płock, as well as in countries such as Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, and Russia. They live and work in Warsaw.  The Twożywo Group was dissolved on the 1st of March 2011.

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