“Śląsk” Dance and Song Ensemble Gala Concert

A Gala Concert, based on Polish music, songs and dances - both national and folk ones - will take place at ICE Kraków on the 5th of February 2017.

The “Śląsk” Dance and Song Ensemble is an undisputed AMBASSADOR of the Polish CULTURE, written in capital letters. 130 artists of the choir and ballet make every single one of their events a great show, regardless of where it takes place. It will be no different at ICE Kraków.

The Gala Concert is mostly based on Polish music, songs, as well as national and folk dances. As it often happens on such exceptional concerts, the artists of the “Śląsk” ensemble will also present some pieces from the repertoire of world heritage. The artists will perform in beautiful costumes, stylised according to the designs from several regions of our beautiful and diverse country. The majority of the programme will comprise compositions and musical arrangements by Stanisław Hadyna, illustrated by choreography by Elwira Kamińska - a duet responsible for the greatness of the “Śląsk” ensemble. Among many pieces, recognised around the world as masterpieces of choreography, we are going to see and hear: “Karolinka", “Szła dzieweczka", “Hej, te nasze góry", “Ondraszek", as well as music arrangements for dances such as “Trojak", “Taniec chustkowy", “Kujawiak - Oberek", “Krakowiak", “Polonez - Mazur" and “Tańce górali podhalańskich". The “Śląsk” Dance and Song Ensemble rarely has an opportunity to present such a comprehensive, great and rich programme, filled with surprises on Polish stages. Take advantage of this opportunity. 

“Śląsk” Dance and Song Ensemble
ICE Kraków
05.02.2017 at 3.00 p.m.
Tickets are available through the TicketPro network, at eBilet.pl, in Empik stores, selected InfoKraków information points, in Filmotechnika, as well as at Kubilecik.pl



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