STEVEN WILSON&BAND Hand Cannot Erase Tour 2016

In April, ICE Kraków will host Steven Wilson and his band as part of the second leg of the tour promoting the excellently received album Hand. Cannot. Erase. This will be one of the best and most important musical events of 2016!

The audience will have a chance to experience the new stunning visual presentation of the concerts and changes in the line-up of songs. Among them, there will be many references to the past, including the Porcupine Tree period. While rehearsing for the tour, the team prepared versions of “Shesmovedon” and “Dark Matter”.

Of course, there will also be recordings from the promoted album Hand.Cannot.Erase, which was named album of the year, commercial achievement and special edition project during the Progressive Music Awards in London.

Steven Wilson is currently one of the most important names on the music scene. A one-man institution, recognisable not only by progressive rock fans. Composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer, he has been charming listeners with his ideas for a long time. Leader of Porcupine Tree, core of such projects as No-Man, Blackfield, Bass Communion and Storm Corrosion. A solo musician, always searching for something new, not content to rest on his laurels. Hardworking, always on the run, a musical innovator and to many, the reviver of the progressive rock formula. An icon of modern rock, honest and consistent in his work, he finds himself at ease in space rock, electronical, jazz, pop, psychedelia, race, film music, metal and ambient music. He creates highly original and profound music that stimulates the listener’s imagination. He is a sensitive artist, who has been part of an enormous number of projects.

In the late 1980s, he founded the band No-Man with vocalist Tim Bowness, at the same time experimenting as a solo artist as part of his Porcupine Tree project. Over the years, the latter transformed from a “virtual” creation into a four-person (five-person during concerts) formation, greatly respected by fans, critics and other musicians. The excellent line-up of musicians guarantees the highest quality of musical experiences. The perfectly harmonised team will lead the viewers and listeners through a palette of musical colours and the land of sound. Steven Wilson’s concerts – or rather SPECTACLES – affect audiences in a multi-layered way through sound, image, music and emotions.


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