Sukhishvili National Georgian Ballet in ICE Kraków

A unique dance show – 100 dancers and orchestra on the stage of the Auditorium Hall is coming soon – already on the 4th February!

The Sukhishvili National Georgia Ballet – one of the world’s leading and the greatest dance ensembles, with its own orchestra. It made more than 300 tours in its history. Members of the ensemble toured of the 5 continents 11 times and visited 90 countries, with thousands of concerts seen by millions of audience members all over the world!
The ensemble’s performance was acclaimed as ”the greatest show on Broadway”. In Australia it was considered ”the eighth wonder of the world”. After a concert on the most famous stage in Lа Scala, the curtain was raised 14 times, beating  Caruso’s record  (11 curtain calls).
The Sukhishvili National Georgia Ballet was set up  70 years ago. Its repertoire is based on traditional national dances, but to make its performances even more spectacular, it creates new sets perfectly combining folk charms and modern steps.
Elements of martial art and acrobatics, dazzlingly colourful costumes and a dynamic story told in a passionate manner make  Sukhishvili’s show for the entire families: from children to senior citizens.
The ensemble constantly refreshes and updates its programme. The European tour in 2018 will offer the audience the newest programme, incomparable emotions and a huge load of energy that can only be received at the concert of the Sukhishvili National Georgia Ballet.

Dangerous Dance of Georgian Men
"Try to jump grouped in the air. Then fall to the floor directly on your lap and grab again to repeat again and again! Perform rotation fingers soft boots so fast that no one knows your face. And immediately turns to his knees on the perimeter of the scene. Beautiful ladies charm, calm and playfully watching your daring dance, whose purpose - to win their favor. "
The Washington Post (US)

A stron on the stage
”The world's greatest dancers. The Georgian dancers fly. There is a storm on the stage!”.
Daily Mirror (UK)

Magic of Georgia
"Two and a half hours as the sweep seconds before you have time to decide what to look with more attention than to admire more - music, stunningly beautiful costumes, incredible technique and dancers."
New York Post (US)

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