Suzanne Vega for the first time in Krakow!

Suzanne Vega  is recognised as one of the most vocalists and  brilliant songwriters of her generation. She became a leading figure in folk music in the early 1980s. Since her debut thirty five years ago she has sold more than 7 million records and she has been 7 times nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award.

In her poetic, warm ballads she talks about the problems people struggle with, spotting what happens around and escapes others, and presenting highly emotional rendition. She authored such hits as Luka , Tom`s Diner and Caramel.

Such stars as Sinead O'Connor and Tracy Chapman drew inspiration from her artistic output. The artist admits that she is fascinated with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed, who have had a great influence on her music and lyrics.

Suzanne Vega  was born  on 11 July 1959 in Santa Monica, California,. She grew up in New York. She started her career in folk clubs, including the popular Folk City, where Bob Dylan also appeared on stage.  In April 1985 her first album was released, titled Suzanne Vega. Her debut tuned out great success. Her Marlene On the Wall received plenty of positive critical reviews, and was ranked by ”Rolling Stone” among 100 best recordings in the 1980s. The album went platinum. Two years later Suzanne Vega recorded the song Luka, which is probably the best known hit in the artist’s musical career. The piece comes from her album Solitude Standing (1987). This record ranked  Suzanne Vega among international stars. The artist has nine albums and a few nominations fro the Grammy Award to her credit.

Her most recent album, Lover, Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers, released in 2016, is based on a drama she wrote jointly with the renowned composer Duncan Sheik (Spring Awakening, American Psycho)  -- Carson McCullers Talks About Love in 2011. In that play Suzanne Vega features a charismatic American woman writer Carson McCullers, who talks about her life, loves and art. Trying to explain herself, McCullers struggles with the  demons of her past. Passing smoothly between monologues and songs, Suzanne Vega combines  Carson McCullers’s spirit and uncommon sense of humour. The creators of the play have been nominated to the annual  Drama Desk award for music they wrote to the drama which, together with the album portray one of the top figures of American literature.

At the concert the artist will present her newest record and her greatest hits in new arrangement.

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