The romantic scenery, breath-taking choreography and the moving story of love doomed to failure make Swan Lake the most enthusiastically welcomed ballet production in the world. The ballet will be performed by the Saint Petersburg Ballet on the 15th of November 2015, at 7.00 PM at ICE Kraków.

Prince Siegfried, one of the main characters of the story, discovers Odette, a beautiful girl transformed into a swan by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart, on a quiet lake near the palace. The curse may be broken only by confessing eternal love to the girl. The smitten Siegfried decides to propose to Odette, but during the birthday celebration for the prince, Von Rothbart’s tricks make Siegfried confess his love to the wrong woman – Odile, the daughter of the sorcerer, who is a mirror image of Odette.

Too late, Siegfried realises his error and decides to set out for the lake to join his beloved, but the evil sorcerer Rothbart bars his way. A fight ensues, and Siegfried triumphs. Love conquers magic, and the sun rises on the love of Siegfried and Odette.

The virtuoso double role of Odette and Odile, the power of Tchaikovsky’s music and one of the most magnificent pas de deux in the history of classical ballet make Swan Lake an experience not to be missed. The production of the Saint Petersburg Ballet, with over 40 dancers on the stage, conveys the beauty and drama of the romantic ballet. This timeless masterpiece speaks to people from all generations.

Saint Petersburg Ballet first appearance in Poland.                                      

Swan Lake
ICE Kraków
15 November 2015
7 PM



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