The most distinguished Polish chefs, farmers and processors of high-quality food. People, who have raised feeding others to the level of art – in a nutshell, they are the heroes of the second edition of Terra Madre – Slow Food Festival, which will take place on the 11th to the 13th of December in Krakow.

The event will fulfil the role of the direct meeting between the village and the city; between the farmer, the processor and the consumer. The entire range of Mother Earth’s autumnal fruit from all of Central Europe will be presented, and the visitors will be able to purchase them and to get to know their biodiversity – hundreds of species of fruit-bearing trees, forgotten kinds of cereal and groats, such as spelt and millet. It will also serve as an opportunity to experience how those traditional products, for hundreds of years connected with Poland and Central Europe, change under the hands of the most renowned chefs into exceptionally tasty and healthy dishes. On the other hand, the cultural side of the event will present the ethnic diversity of Central Europe through concerts and film screenings. There will be no shortage of meetings and discussions with electrifying figures from the culinary world and many others.

“We want the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival to become the celebration of Mother Earth, that’s why we would like to invite every farmer, every grower and every processor who produces good, clean and fair food products. During the second edition we will pay close attention to the Baltic Sea fish, such as the brown trout or common herring, as well as freshwater fish from Masuria, the Vistula River, Drawsko Lake District, the Danube and the Bodrog. The carp, given the Christmas is coming soon, will also appear in many forms. Moreover, the programme of Terra Madre will be filled by taste laboratories, culinary workshops, debates and presentations, and all of them will be organised by the most renowned experts in their respective fields from many countries”, announced Dr Jacek Szklarek, head of Slow Food Poland and the initiator of the festival.

“I’m very happy I’ll be able to come to Krakow – the city which once made our wines famous worldwide – again. In my vineyard, we always wanted to respect Mother Earth and her natural rhythm, that’s why as the first ones in Tokay we transformed our farm into a biodynamic one”, said Marta Wille-Baumkauff, owner of Pendits vineyard and director of Convivium Slow Food Tokaj. Olga Rendek, the grower of the famous Mangalica Hungarian pig, the meat of which has an exceptional taste that is second to none, will also come to Krakow from Hungary. For the first time, the producers of Romanian sheep’s milk cheese, which ripens for a year in tubes made of beech bark will come and present their products during Terra Madre Slow Food Festival. “We’ve been friends with the producers of oscypek cheese, Wojtek Komperda and Władek Klimowski, for many years. This year, during the “Cheese” festival we had our stands right next to each other. Jacek Szklarek convinced us to come to Krakow, and now our preparations are at full speed”, Marian Popoiu from Bucegi Farm explains. “You can say that our cheese is from another world, and it is hard to preserve it and save from being forgotten. Shepherding in the Carpathian Mountains is really hard, but the taste of our cheese is certainly one of its kind.

“In my opinion the formula of this event is unprecedented in this part of Europe. Over the course of two days we will try to gather the best farmers, processors and producers from all over the Central Europe on the premises of ICE Kraków Congress Centre. On Friday and on Saturday the life of the festival will move to the city, where the restaurants, pubs and other venues will host thematic dinners, meetings with producers, culinary film screenings and normal discussions between enthusiasts”, Jacek Szklarek encourages. “Terra Madre – Slow Food Festival” has been officially recognised by Slow Food International as an event presenting the whole agro-culinary heritage of Central Europe. The organisation (present in over 160 countries on all continents) used all channels and ensured substantial support and helped with organisation and promotion. This is what made the event possible. This is why on the 12th and 13th of December the producers and chefs from Czech Republik, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries, Austria, Germany, Armenia, Georgia, Moldavia and of course from Italy – the cradle of Slow Food will come to Krakow.

Great cuisine is a good product

The lovers of good cooking will be delighted upon hearing that Terra Madre – Slow Food Festival will host chefs working for restaurants recommended by the Slow Food organisation: Wojciech Modest Amaro, Sebastian Olma, Przemek Błaszczyk, Jacek Krakowiak, Adam Woźniak, Janusz Fic, Marian Frankowski, Rafał Kopicki, Krystian Szidel, Dawid Łagowski, Piotr Kwapisz, Przemek Kaproń and Dominik Narloch. Every one of them will participate in demonstrations, workshops and dinners in select restaurants in Krakow, and everything was planned with the greatest attention to detail by Kuba Janicki, culinary critic from Krakow (Friday and Saturday, 11th and 12th December).

“The venison, fruits of the forest, geese and many other goods give us an opportunity to shine brightly in Europe or even worldwide. The success of Atelier Amaro was based, among others, on establishing cooperation with exceptional producers and finding unique products, which many people were afraid to try and interpret them in an original way. For many, our dinners were a kind of discovering Poland, our Terra Madre”, emphasised Wojciech Modest Amaro, owner and director of Atelier Amaro.

Not only food

However, Terra Madre is not only food, but also culture, which emerged in the context of shepherding or the broadly understood table. And so, on Saturday at 6 PM in the Auditorium Hall of ICE Kraków Congress Centre, Trebunie Tutki with the famous Slovakian cymbalist, Miroslaw Rajt will give a special concert. A theatrical play “Gargantua and Pantagruel” directed by Piotr Bikont will be also presented during the festival. For two days, a special installation presenting tables from Christmas Eve and other holidays from various regions of Poland and Central Europe will be available to see for the visitors, and Robert Makłowicz, who is probably the greatest lover of this part of Europe will present new episodes of his culinary travels around Central Europe, which in his book “Cafe Museum” he describes: “And so I will keep living in Krakow, but I will not forget that my place in Hungary is only 500 kilometres away, I will live in Hungary, and I will know I’m only 180 kilometres away from Vienna, 300 kilometres away from Ljubljana, 200 from Zagreb and 400 from Trieste. Thus, it will be easier for me to go ahead and, like a billiard ball, roll endlessly on the yellow and black baize on the table known as the Central Europe.”

The festival will also provide an opportunity to taste many Polish wines, the tastings will be hosted by experts in this field, Mariusz Kapczyński and Wojciech Bosak. Additionally, a special “Slow Wine” collection of wines produced by the best Italian vineyards, and the 2nd edition of the International Saint Martin’s Wines Competition. The best Polish breweries will also be present during the event, with PINTA, Pracownia Piwa, Amber and Cornelius being the major ones.

The organisers also remembered about the youngest visitors. While their parents will walk around the venue, the kids will be able to participate in numerous games, workshops and educational competitions. Under Renata Rusnak’s watchful eye, a special playground is being prepared – it will stimulate both senses and taste buds, so that the kids will also be able to enjoy the different taste sensations after stepping inside the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

There will be special events, which will serve as additional attractions connected with Terra Madre – the play The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz, directed by the journalist, publicist and culinary critic, Piotr Bikont. That’s not the final surprise, though. The Trebunie Tutki band will also play during the festival. It will be a meeting with highlanders’ tradition and Carpathian heritage.

The City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office are strategic partners of the Festival. “Currently Krakow is a really hot city, attracting over 10 million tourists every year. Many of our festivals and events acquired a wide and faithful group of fans in Europe and worldwide. It is, however, a fact that our portfolio lacked a culinary event. This is why the cooperation with Slow Food will ensure that in December our ICE Kraków Congress Centre will be visited by thousands of lovers of good products and exceptional cuisine, and the event itself will become one of the most important culinary events in Europe, among great happenings such as the Salone del Gusto in Torino, Madrid Fusion, Culinaria in Brussels, Anuga in Cologne or the Gourmet Selection in Paris”, said Izabela Helbin, director of Krakow Festival Office.

  • From the 11th to the 13th of December 2015, Krakow with over 50 gastronomic venues
  • From the 12th to the 13th of December 2015, from 10 AM to 6 PM, ICE Kraków Congress Centre, Marii Konopnickiej 17 in Krakow
  • Admission fee: 5 PLN. Free admissions for children up to the age of 12.

Małgorzata Swaryczewska
+48 603 198 924


Slow Food Poland – Polish branch of Slow Food International (international organisation with over 100 000 members in 164 countries on all continents), bringing together people who are interested in preservation of regional cuisine from various regions of Poland. In Poland, the organisation has been functioning since 1999 and organised many activities and happenings, such as the notorious “Goose meat for St Martin’s Day” or the “Time for Good Cheese.”


Krakow Festival Office – The biggest festivals in Krakow, spectacular shows for vast audiences of over a hundred thousand people, famous in Poland and in Europe literary, musical, film, theatrical, fine arts and literary events – those are the doings of the Krakow Festival Office, one of the most active Polish public life institutions. The activities of the KBF also include initiatives for the development of creative industries, cultural and business tourism, meetings industry and the recreation industry.

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The festival will begin on Friday, 11th of December with a series of dinners and events in the city, this formula will repeat itself on Saturday evening. On Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM, the Fair will take place on the premises of ICE Kraków Congress Centre, with numerous workshops, demonstrations, tastings, screenings etc. On Saturday at 6 PM we would also like to invite you to the Trebunie Tutki concert, with a Slovakian cymbalist Miroslav Rajt, which will take place in ICE Kraków Congress Centre. Below you will find a detailed timetable of the Festival.


  1. Culinary demonstrations

Chamber Hall A


Cakes, pies and cookies – Christmas propositions. Starting at 12 noon

Witek Iwański and his guest

In the steps of the brown trout. Starting at 1:30 PM

Jacek Krakowiak and Krzysztof Żurek

North – South, part 1 (Cod versus Polish Red). Starting at 3 PM

Rafał Niewiarowski and Adam Chrząstowski

Herring, trout and carp for the Christmas Eve. Starting at 4:30 PM

Janusz Fic, Marian Frankowski, Dawid Łagowski


Desserts from Polish varieties of apples and plums. Starting at 10:30 AM

Konrad Korszla and Jarek Pająkowski

North – South, part 2 (Herring versus Polish Mountain Sheep). Starting at 12 noon

Marcin Sołtys and Mariusz Siwak

Polish Caviar and Polish Potato Vodka. Starting at 1:30 PM

Dominik Narloch and Agata Łakomiak (Antonius Caviar)

Sister Anastasia’s Christmas Eve. Starting at 3 PM

Sister Anastazja

  1. The Taste Laboratories

Conference Hall Complex, Hall 1

Do it yourself! - Saturday

Housemade cold cuts. Starting at 11 AM

Maciej Zasławski and Tomasz Berezowski

Baking bread. Starting at 12:30 PM

Piotrek Chruścicki (house baker), Adam Piskorek (professional baker), Jacek Piwowarski (miller)

Housemade tinctures. Starting at 2 PM

Hieronim Błażejak

Coffee Hunting – or how are the best coffees selected and how does one preserve that quality at home. Starting at 3:30 PM

Filip Bartelak

All Polish Cuisines - Sunday

Tatar cuisine. Starting at 11 AM

Dżenneta Bogdanowicz

Asia in Poland. Starting at 12:30 PM

Marcin R. Szulżycki, Bitos Hoang, Mateusz Suchecki

Jewish cuisine. Starting at 2 PM

  1. Give us wine!

Conference Hall Complex, Halls 3 and 4.


Hall 3

The Charm of Eger. 11 AM – 12:30 PM

The new face of the Eger wines from Nimrod Kovacs’ and Attila Petréna’s vineyards

Hall 4

Sangiovese Classics or the Modern Bolgheri Style. 12 noon – 1:30 PM

Selvapiana Vineyard in Chianti Rufina versus Fornacelle Vineyard in Bolgheri

Hall 3

The Wild Wines from the Kvevris. 1 PM to 2:30 PM

Traditional Georgian and Armenian winemaking – Paweł Woźniak

Hall 4

Moravian Wines. 2 PM to 3:30 PM

The pioneers of quality winemaking in Czech Republic – Robert Makłowicz, Wojciech Lutomski

Hall 3

The Great Tokaj by the fair ladies. 3 PM to 4:30 PM

Sarolta Bardos from Tokaj Nobilis vineyard and Marta Willebaumkauf from Pendits vineyard

Hall 4

St Martin’s Wines from Central Europe – Competition Tastings. 4 PM to 5:30 PM

The return to the old tradition – Wojciech Bosak


Hall 3

Romania and Bulgaria different from the “Sofia”. 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Livia Girboiu (Romania) and Paweł Woźniak (Krako Slow Wines)

Hall 4

The Long-lasting Timorasso. 12 noon to 1:30 PM

The vertical tasting of five different vintages of one of the greatest Italian white wines

Hall 3

The polish hops, its variety and potential. 1 PM – 2:30 PM

Paweł Piłat and Grzegorz Tomczyk 

Hall 4

The autochthonic Italian varieties. 2 PM to 3:30 PM

Timorasso, Susumaniello, Perricone, Schioppettino, Minutolo

Hall 3

The Lorek Family Ciders – Smykan. The biggest debut in the cider world this year. 3 PM to 4:30 PM

Marcin Lorek, Kuba Lorek, Zbigniew Kmieć

  1. Installations and zones

Polish Christmas Eve Table, Conference Hall Complex, Hall 2, Saturday and Sunday. From 10 AM to 6 PM

Christmas Eve in Poland now and back then – traditions evolving in time, regional varieties and differences, the forgotten delicacies, peasants’, noblemen and townsmen Christmas Eve feasts, Christmas Eve and the People Republic of Poland shortages. Saturday and Sunday throughout the whole day, presentation augmented with additional workshops and discussions.

Slow Wine Bar, Foyer, 2nd floor, next to the Bar – approximately 200 Italian wines, available for tasting in the presence of their manufacturers on the 2nd floor. The tastings will be complemented by the specially selected and ripened cheeses, produced by Jacek Szklarek. The Bar will be open through the entire Festival.

Kids Zone, Foyer – Ground floor – The sense-stimulating tasty playground for the youngest visitors will be available at the ground floor throughout the entire Saturday and Sunday in three locations.

  1. Meetings and debates

Terra Madre Central Europe. Theatrical Hall. Saturday, starting at 11 AM

A discussion with farmers, processors and experts on the agriculture, its opportunities and dangers in Central Europe – professor Czesław Nowak, Ursula Hudson, Phillip Braun, Ignat Timar, Marta Willebaumkauf, Olga Rendek

How does the critic eat? Chamber Hall B. Saturday, starting at 4 PM

A meeting with Wojciechem Nowicki, culinary critic working for Gazeta Wyborcza in Krakow

Turnau Vineyard wines. Theatrical Hall. Sunday, starting at 12 noon

Wines from the Turnau family vineyard, a meeting

The wine of my life – 1st installment. Chamber Hall B. Sunday, starting at 2 PM

Famous personalities, CEOs of large companies and artists will present their favourite wines

The wine of my life – 2nd installment. Chamber Hall B. Sunday, starting at 4 PM

The best Polish sommeliers will present their favourite wines

  1. Film – music – theatre – art

Exhibition: Stanisław Brach "Miodem płynące" [...Of Milk and Honey]. Foyer, 1st floor. Official opening – Saturday, 12 noon. Open: Saturday, 12 noon to 6 PM, Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

Performance, "Frank Babko does the Honeymoon", ground floor, Hall Slow Cinema in the Kids Zone. Saturday, 2 PM

The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz. Theatrical Hall. Saturday, starting at 4 PM

A play, directed by Piotr Bikont

A concert „Karpaty Łączą” [The Carpathian Mountains: Connecting People] – Trebunie Tutki and a Slovakian cymbalist Miroslav Rajt. Auditorium Hall. Saturday, starting at 6 PM

Slow Food Story. Theatrical Hall. Sunday, starting at 2 PM

A documentary presenting the beginnings and development of the Slow Food movement worldwide

Redyk Karpacki. Theatrical Hall. Sunday, starting at 3 PM

A documentary presenting the roam with sheep through the traditional trail through the Carpathian Mountains, from Romania, through Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, which took place in 2014.

 Makłowicz (not) on the way – a discussion with Piotr Bikont. Theatrical Hall. Sunday, starting at 4 PM

The premiere episodes of “Makłowicz w podróży” [Makłowicz on the Way] in Central Europe and a discussion with Robert Makłowicz and Piotr Bikont

  1. Dinners and other events in the city

Friday, 11 December, 8 PM

Hotel Stary

Jacek Krakowiak (Horyzont Hotel Aquarius, Kołobrzeg) Krzysztof Żurek (Trzy Rybki, Kraków)

The culinary meanders of the brown trout

Ed Red

Rafał Niewiarowski (Dym na Wodzie, Ustka), Adam Chrząstowski (Ed Red, Kraków)-

North – South, part 1 (Cod versus Polish Red)


Mariusz Siwak (Park Hotel, Szczecin) and Marcin Sołtys (Wierzynek, Krakow)

The Dinner of the Herring-eaters

Lipowa 6F Krako Slow Wines

The evening of the Polish cider makers and the best Polish trouts

Wierzynek on the Market Square

A shot, a chaser and some aspic „PIT STOP” and the Festival Information Point

Saturday, 12 December, 8 PM


Piotr Kwiatosz (16 Stołów, Lublin), Przemek Kaproń (Perłowa, Lublin) and Mateusz Turaj (Miodova, Krakow)

Cuisine and beer


Sebastian Olma and Zbyszek Kmieć (Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź, Warsaw), Marcin Dudek (Qualita, Krakow)

The great comeback of the Vistula salmon.

Sieraków Manor

Marian Frankowski (Morellino, Głęboczek) - Dawid Łagowski (Destylarnia, Pałac Mierzęcin)– Janusz Fic (Sieraków Manor)

The unknown tastes of freshwater fish and wine from the Mierzęcin Palace

Biała Róża

Przemek Błaszczyk (Manana Bistro, Chorzów), Łukasz Cichy (Biała Róża, Krakow)


Tap House (Pracownia Piwa)

The most interesting Central Euopean beers

Lipowa 6F Krako Slow Wines

The red wine estate of Hungary and Olga Rendek’s Mangalica, adn Pavel Portoyan’s BBQ.

Wierzynek on the Market Square

A shot, a chaser and some aspic „PIT STOP” and Festival Information Point


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