In December, Krakow will become the culinary capital of Central Europe. Nearly 200 exhibitors, over 30 demonstrations and taste laboratories, 15 themed suppers in Krakow restaurants with the best chefs, beer and wine tastings, a Slow Wine bar and a grand Christmas Eve table. What is important, the organisers have taken care of the culinary side of the festival as well as the youngest participants. For fans of theatre and music, there are special events prepared, while the children, under the watchful eye of Renata Rusnak, will be able to visit the special sensory and culinary playground, so that not only parents can enjoy the various taste experiences after entering the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

Below, we present the programme of the accompanying events of this year’s TERRA MADRE:

  • Spectacle: The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz – 12.12.2015, 4 PM
  • Concert: Inspirations – Trebunie Tutki along with acclaimed cymbalist Miroslav Rajt– 12.12.2015, 6 PM
  • Children’s programming of the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival at ICE Kraków

Spectacle: The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz – 12.12.2015, 4 PM    

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The cultural richness of Eastern Europe during the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival will be reflected in the exceptional musical and theatre events. One of these will be the spectacle The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz, which tells the story of a tailor who does not lose his reason or good humour despite being notoriously unlucky.

Concert: Inspirations – Trebunie Tutki along with acclaimed cymbalist Miroslav Rajt – 12.12.2015, 6 PM

The second accompanying event of the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival will be the concert by Trebunie-Tutki, a band that combines highlander tradition with modernity. The solo dance demonstrations and colourful costumes create an atmosphere straight from a highlander party from a century ago. The traditional shepherd’s instruments increase the effect of the continuity and development of the musical traditions of the Polish highlanders, and the New Highlander Music created by the group’s leader, Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka is its natural continuation.


Children’s workshops and activities at the Terra Madre Festival are intended to show the youngest visitors the prosperity and diversity of the various regions of Poland. Every voivodeship, every district, every Slow Food convivium is characterised by different taste values and traditions. During the workshops, we will show the kids what their parents and grandparents would normally show them – the products and the creation and preparation of food and specific dishes. We want them to experience pure, natural tastes, born from the wealth of the soil and generations of people’s experiences, and not from specimens, laboratories, chemical mixtures and artificial substitutes that have only one goal – to deceive the senses and entire to mindless consumption, and above all get us used to and addicted to them. Seventeen ingredients in ordinary chips, over thirty in cookies, traditionally made from flour, water, eggs, butter and sugar – are these supposed to be the “tastes of childhood” for future generations?

The Slow Food movement has been saying “no” to this kind of legacy of our times for years. In Poland, despite the flood of industrial, factory-made food, we still have extensive knowledge and memory of real, natural products, of the food of our ancestors. We also have pure, ecological soil and crops. Although it’s faster and easier to spray everything with chemicals and fill it with enhancers, our producers rise to the challenge, feeding us with the best quality, honest food. Children deserve this kind of food and nutrition, and they deserve to learn how to make it themselves.

There will be not at all easy surprises for the little ones in the programme, beginning with the Pomeranian “sea serpent”, to the Szczecin herring in its various editions, pressing and getting to know the different kinds of oils from Polish seeds from the Lublin region, associating the bee not only with honey but also pollination, making true croissant rolls from Wielkopolska, or making goat’s cheeses by themselves. There will also be an element educating the youngsters in smart shopping and reading food labels.

Small “slow” companies that pay attention to the quality of the services offered to children have joined the programme not only with an excellent sales product, but also interesting and diverse ideas for spending time in a valuable way through smart play. These companies are preparing physical and educational activities, conversations about coal, a meeting with the city gardeners, beautiful book illustrations, non-digital cinema, Christmas felt cut-outs, making clay angels and snails, and playing at a playground build from recycled cardboard.

Children can be registered for workshops on site at any time during the festival.

Coordinator of the kids’ zone – Renata Rusnak                                                         

Detailed programmed of the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival: www.terramadre.pl

11-13 December 2015, Krakow with approx. 50 restaurants and other venues
12-13 December 2015, from 10 AM to 6 PM, ICE Kraków Congress Centre, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17, Krakow
Fair admission cost: 5 PLN, children 12 and under: free



Slow Food Polska – the Polish branch of Slow Food International (an international organisation with over 100 thousand members in 164 countries on all continents) gathering persons interested in the protection of traditional cuisine from various regions of Poland. I Poland, the organization has been active since 1999 and has organized, among others, the famous campaign “Goose Meat for St. Martin’s Day” or the “Time for Good Cheese” Festival. They have also restored to good graces unpasteurized beer, fruit juices, original oscypki cheese and Lisiecka sausage. Slow Food Polska also supports and recommends nearly 30 restaurants throughout Poland, which use local products in their kitchens.

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