Terra Madre Slow Food Festival Central Europe

Terra Madre Slow Food Festival Central Europe – 3rd edition – 2016 In November, Krakow will once again become a culinary capital of Central Europe. Almost 150 exhibitors, 30 demonstrations and taste laboratories, 10 thematic dinners in restaurants in Krakow with the best chefs, cider, beer and wine tastings, a sensory playground for children, St. Martin’s Wine competition, debates, discussions, Young Wine Festival and launch of the “Goose meat for St. Martin’s Day” campaign. All of this with one goal in mind – to show the biodiversity of Terra Madre – Mother Earth!

Like in the previous years, the event will be an opportunity for direct meeting of the countryside and the city, between the farmers, processors and consumers. Thus, the fairs and exhibitions are a vital part of the event, enabling visitors to buy high quality local products directly from their producers. “Terra Madre” will present the entire range of products of the soil from Central Europe – long-forgotten grains and groats, such as spelt, emmer wheat and millet, various kinds of potatoes such as Bellarosa, Vineta and Blue Swede, the richness of rare varieties of apples, like Kosztela, Antonovka, Gravenstein, Boiken and Transparent Croncels, as well as smoked fish from Pomerania and the Baltic Sea, such as vendace, whitefish, eel, bream and Baltic salmon. It will also be an opportunity to see how these traditional products, associated with Poland and Central Europe for hundreds of years are turned into delicious and healthy dishes by the best chefs.

This year we will focus specifically on the “slow meat” project, aimed at limiting the consumption of industrially produced, low-quality meat. Slow Food considers eating meat a good idea, but only in limited quantities and from various cuts (not only hams and loin). The quality of the meat and well-being of the animals are also crucial requirements regarding meat consumption. These are some of the reasons why Slow Food decided to promote goose meat in Poland. Next year, a similar campaign will be launched after Easter, this time devoted to lamb.

“We want the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival to become a celebration of “Mother Earth” with a broad presentation of good, clean and sustainable food products. During the third edition of the events we will focus mainly on groats, legumes, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, as well as cheeses from Central Europe, such as bryndza, motal, kashkaval, the so-called Volovec cheeses from Carpathian Foothills, as well as classic quarks. Based on the example of the largest biodynamic farm in Europe located in Juchowo, we will also show how important is combining production and animal breeding with taking care of the natural environment. Today ecology and biodynamics are not just claptrap – they are reality that guarantees us tasty and healthy food products, as well humane treatment of animals and Mother Earth”, said Jacek Szklarek, PhD, head of Slow Food Poland and originator of the Festival.

“I am happy that once again I will be able to come to Krakow, this time with our sheep’s milk Motal cheese, packed in clay jars”, said Ruslan Torosyan from Armenia. For the first time in the history of the festival we are also going to host producers from Belarus, who are going to bring their teas made of wild herbs. Traditionally, we will have an opportunity to taste the Hungarian and Moravian wines, as well as craft beers from the Slovakian brewery of Waclav Radicek, representing Slow Food Tatra. We are also going to meet Olga Rendek, who breeds the famous Hungarian Mangalica pigs, which are characterised by unique taste of their meat.

“In my opinion, the formula of this event is unique in this part of Europe.

In those two days we will try to gather the best farmers, processors and producers from Central Europe in and around the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. On Friday and Saturday the festival will move to the city, where the restaurants, bars and other venues will host thematic dinners, meetings with producers and the increasingly popular Celebration of Young Wine, which we’ve been organising for four years together with Silver Mountain Vineyard in Krakow”, said Jacek Szklarek. Overall, on the 12th and 13th of November, we are going to host producers and chefs from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States, Austria, Germany, Armenia and of course Italy – the birthplace of Slow Food.

A special event is also planned during the festival – an exhibition dedicated to Polish Vodka. Before the first and only Polish Vodka Museum in the world will be officially opened at the former Koneser Vodka Distillery in Warsaw’s Praga district, join us at Terra Madre Slow Food Festival in Krakow for the “Did you know...?” exhibition, presenting the unknown facts and often surprising bits of information about the history of our national alcoholic beverage. Additionally, Maciej Starosolski will invite those, who are interested and curious for a workshop, during which he will prove that Polish Vodka has a beautiful history and a unique taste, and goes well with far more than just herring and pickles.

Great cuisine is a good product

Lovers of good food will be enthralled by the fact that during Terra Madre Slow Food Festival they will have an opportunity to see the best chefs from the restaurants recommended by Slow Food Poland: Witek Iwański (Aruana – Serock), Dominik Narloch (Herbarium – Chomiąża Szlachecka), Przemek Błaszczyk (Manana – Chorzów), Mariusz Kucharczak (Rosevia Resort), Łukasz Rakowski (Cristal – Białystok), Marzena Imiłkowski (Food Art – Gdańsk), Bartosz Gadzina (Beksien Bistro – Bielsko-Biała), Mariusz Siwak (Park Hotel – Szczecin) and Wojciech Deres (Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź – Warszawa). Each of them will participate in demonstrations, workshops and dinners in the following restaurants in Krakow: Trzy Rybki (chef Krzysztof Żurek), Ed Red (sous chef Przemek Skibiński and Artur Szwacki), Biała Róża (chef Michał Cichy), Amarylis (chef Michał Cienki), Filipa 18 (chef Marcin Sołtys), Miodova (chef Mateusz Turaj), Qualita (chef Marcin Dudek) and Albertina (chef Grzegorz Fic).

“Lamb and venison, undergrowth, groats, goose meat, fish from Polish lakes and many other good products give us an opportunity to shine among the countries of Europe and the world. I enjoy the fact that after many years of searching inspiration abroad, Polish gastronomy boldly uses Polish products and boasts them. Certainly, the dinners during “Terra Madre” festival in Krakow will be a great opportunity to taste authentic cuisine from various regions of Poland”, 
said Krzysztof Żurek, chef at Trzy Rybki restaurant at Hotel Stary in Krakow.

Not just for adults

Starting with the first edition, the “Terra Madre Slow Food Festival” put strong emphasis on children. This year’s edition of workshops for the youngest participants will be focused on the most important issue of all – the relationship between parents and their children. The presence of Mom and Dad in the child’s life is the most important basis for their healthy development. In today’s fast-paced world we lack time for our children, and not only because we are busy with something. Very often it is because our minds are wandering somewhere else – to our companies, to our stress, our budget or unfulfilled dreams. Somewhere deep inside we know that it should not be like that, but we silence these thoughts by organising and scheduling hundreds of additional developmental activities in school. English classes, swimming, horse riding, ballet... Otherwise they might miss some opportunities in life”, said Renata Rusnak, blogger and organiser of the “children’s zone”. “However, they will not miss learning or their future career opportunities. It is us who are missing the opportunity to introduce them to adulthood and shape them into great human beings. By working together we can pass onto them our knowledge, passions, skills and secrets”, she pointed out. The workshops organised in the children’s zone will give them opportunity to discover their love for making things in a special joinery. The children will also make their own cheese, supervised by Wawrzyniec Maziejuk representing Serowarnia Figa, play music together, sew, draw with soot and create recycled jewellery.

The City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office are the strategic partners of the Festival“Today, Krakow is a fashionable city, which for the past several years has been attracting over 10 million tourists every year. It is also a city that connected and still connects many cultures, as well as ethnic cuisines – Jewish, Galician, Highland, Hungarian and Old Polish. The “Terra Madre Slow Food Festival” perfectly fits into this tradition, which is our opportunity to make our city an intriguing culinary showcase of the entire Central Europe”, said Izabela Helbin, director of the Krakow Festival Office.

Detailed programme of Terra Madre Slow Food Festival:


11–13 November 2016, Krakow and ca. 30 restaurants

12–13 November 2016, 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., ICE Kraków Congress Centre, Marii Konopnickiej 17

11 November, 6.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. – 4th Young Wine Festival in Krakow, Silver Mountain Vineyard, Stara Zajezdnia, Św. Wawrzyńca 12

Admission to the fair costs 5 PLN, free for children under the age of 12.

Passes for the children’s workshop (10 PLN) can be purchased at www.terramadre.pl and at the entrances to the Children’s Zone. The exhibitors will be available in the Zone for the whole day, offering their products and services to children and their parents.

Participation in dinners, demonstrations and workshops requires earlier registration at terramadre.pl

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Slow Food Poland – Polish branch of Slow Food International (an international organisations gathering

over 100 000 members in 164 countries on all continents), bringing together people interested in protecting traditional products and good cuisine. The organisation has been operating in Poland since 1999 and so far organised several campaigns, including “Goose meat for Saint Martin’s Day” and “Time for Good Cheese”. It also made unpasteurized beer, fruit juices, original Oscypek cheese and Lisiecka sausage popular once again. Slow Food Poland supports and recommends over 30 restaurants in Poland, which use local products, classified as the so-called Ark of Taste products.


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