The 4th World Congress of Polish Literature Translators in ICE Krakow

The 4th World Congress of Polish Literature Translators will commence on 9th June 2017 in ICE Krakow. The Congress is organised every four years and this year nearly 300 guests are expected to participate.

Translators are the best ambassadors of Polish literature: due to their efforts and personal commitment, translations of Polish books get published abroad. They persuade foreign publishers to publish Polish literature, follow developments on the Polish literature market and often comment on it.

The Congress of Translators is first of all an opportunity to celebrate their work. Three working days at the Congress are a time of meetings with writers, publishers, literature researchers and critics. We assume that our guests will leave Krakow with an expanded knowledge and understanding  of the most important Polish literary phenomena, intellectual trends or just books, which enjoy recognition among Polish readers. The first Congress of Translators was organised in 2005. 174 translators from 50 countries participated. Four years later, the Congress had 215 participants from 56 countries and in 2013 there were nearly 250 guests.

During the Congress, the Transatlantic Award will be presented for the 13th time. It is awarded to an outstanding promoter of Polish literature abroad. The previous laureates of the award include: Henryk Bereska (2005), Anders Bodegård (2006), Albrecht Lempp (2007), Ksenia Starosielska (2008), Biserka Rajčić (2009), Pietro Marchesani (2010), Vlasta Dvořáčkova (2011), Yi Lijun (2012), Karol Lesman (2013), Bill Johnston (2014), Laurence Dyèvre (2015), Constantin Geambaşu (2016).

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