The Chippendales are coming back to ICE Kraków!

Chippendales announce their big comeback to Poland! On 30 March 2017, they will perform at ICE Kraków as part of the new global best.night.ever tour.


Chippendales announce their big comeback to Poland!

On 30 March 2017, they will perform at ICE Kraków as part of the new global best.night.ever tour.

The time has come for an exciting journey into the world of temptation with handsome men.

See the sexiest dance show performed by the original Chippendales. Impeccable silhouettes, sculpted, smooth bodies moving to the music. Testosterone at an all-time high! The best choreography, dance routines worked out to the smallest detail, music that gets you dancing, various artistic incarnations (fireman, policeman, sailor, etc.) uncovering women's fantasies, plus beautiful ballads performed by the handsomest men straight from teh USA – these are the biggest assets of the interactive show, in which every woman has a chance to appear with the hotties on stage. This will certainly be the best.night.ever. in the life of each participant of the show!

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Why is Chippendales the most iconic brand in women's entertainment? The answer is simple... In 1979, when they first took the stage in Los Angeles, they paved the way to women's hearts with their professionalism and became a pop-cultural phenomenon. In 1983, new, permanent clubs and theatres were established, among others in New York, where they continue to do bustling business to this day. The artists host millions of women in their theatres every year, participating as a group in a nearly hour-long show, but they also give individual shows. They recruit dancers from thousands of applicants and run licensed shops with clothing and gadgets with the distinctive collars and cuffs – their trademark, which has become synonymous with a show full of passion and energy.

Ummmm, yeah…hot! – Lisa S.

Thank you @chippendales for the best time! #bridalparty – @Snooki

Thank you for making my ladies smile – @Monicaraymund

Completely new, imaginative choreography, as well as visuals and costumes will positively surprise even the most fervent opponents of dance shows. They travel around the world, delighting audiences and are adored by millions of women. The men seduces the audiences in the best style, remaining in their memories for a long time. They have many imitators, but only the original Chippendales are a guarantee of fun and give you the chance to travel into a world of the most secret erotic fantasies. They make the walls in the venues where they perform shake with squeals and screams!

The show is intended for persons 18 years and older.

See them live!

30rd March 2017

Tickets starting from 99 PLN available at

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