The Final Gala of ”Out of Love for Joy” by Wawel SA coming soon – on 16 February!

On 16 February the final Gala of the ”Out of Love for Joy” will be held in ICE Kraków Congress Centre. During the event the Wawel company will donate PLN 1 500 000 to charity organizations for their philanthropic mission. Representatives of the organizations and their wards will appear on stage. Zbigniew Wodecki will be starring at the event.

”Out of Love for Joy”, a campaign launched by Wawel company, combines the appetite for sweets with help to those in need. Five renowned public benefit organizations got involved in the campaign – Ewa Błaszczyk’s Foundation Akogo?, Anna Dymna’s Foundation Mimo Wszystko, Jasiek Mela’s Foundation Poza Horyzonty, Rev. Jacek Stryczek’s Association Wiosna with Akademia Przyszłości, and Foundation Wawel z Rodziną, chaired by Tomasz Schimscheiner, an actor. In the framework of this campaign consumers could register points on specially marked Wawel products via www.zmiloscidoradosci and exchange them for attractive guaranteed gifts, such as tickets to the cinema or designer bags. The customers’ voices decided about financial support to be granted by Wawel to individual organisations. But no one looses in the Wawel campaign! Most of the pool of available money, over half a million PLN, will go to Anna Dymna; PLN 400 thousand to Ewa Błaszczyk’ PLN 300 thousand: Rev. Jacek Stryczek WIOSNA, PLN 200 thousand to Tomasz Schimscheiner, and PLN 100 thousand to Jasiek Mela. The vote was open until 16 January 2017, whilst points from packaging and gifts collection continues until 31 December 2017.





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