Soon, a year will have passed since the official opening of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. Over the last 365 days, quite a lot has happened – the facility has welcomed nearly 200,000 guests during nearly 150 events. As a result of the great interest expressed by the residents of Krakow and tourist visitors in the workings of the Centre, we’d like to invite you for the FIRST BIRTHDAY OF ICE KRAKÓW, which will be held on the 10th of October from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. We have prepared many attraction for the occasion. Join us!

On Saturday, the 10th of October, the ICE Kraków doors will be open between 10.00 AM and 5.00 PM – the three-level glassed foyer with a view of the Royal Castle on Wawel Hill will be made available to visitors. Every 30 minutes, there will be guided tours for 40-people groups. Centre employees will tell us more about the operations, events we have planned and which we have already organised, as well as answering any questions.

At 10.30 AM, in the largest concert hall – the Auditorium Hall – an open rehearsal of the Krakow Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of the M. Karłowicz State Music Schools Complex in Krakow under the baton of Tomasz Chmiel. At 3pm, the Theatre Hall will host the AD HOC Group and their stage improvisations – that is, an afternoon with improv comedy. Passes will be required for both events, and they can be picked up from four InfoKraków information points in the city.

Another attraction is ICE BABY CINEMA. Passes are not required and admission is free. On the second level of the foyer (F2), for our youngest guests, there will be a kids zone. During the screening of an animated film, parents will have an opportunity to get to know the KIDS IN KRAKÓW project, which gathers information about the events and initiatives for kids that take place in the city.

During the FIRST BIRTHDAY OF ICE KRAKÓW at the ticket office of the Centre – which will become an information point for the Krakow Festival Office (the operator of the facility), tickets to selected cultural events will be available at a 15% discount. Every guest will be able to pick up a free copy of the cultural magazine Karnet. The automotive partner of ICE Kraków – Wadowscy Autoryzowany Dealer Volvo – has prepared a campaign – “Pick up a voucher for a selected Volvo model for the weekend”. One voucher will be available.

The third floor, in the Chamber Hall and in the Conference Hall Complex, between 10.00 AM and 7.00 PM, will be the site of CRACK Krakow – Fashion Festival 2015 – an independent fashion fair. Entry to the event is 10 PLN. Tickets will be available at ICE Kraków during the entire event.

These are not all the attractions we’ve prepared for this special day. We invite you to take a look at the detailed information.

Let’s meet!


PASSES TO ticketed events and abridged rules:

  • Participants of ticketed events as part of the FIRST BIRTHDAY OF ICE Kraków are obligated to pick up passes, which will be distributed at the InfoKraków information points (Cloth Hall – 1/3 Market Square, Wyspiański Pavillion – Wszystkich Świętych 2, Św. Jana 2, Tourist Service Centre – Powiśle 11).
  • The passes will be distributed in two stages. The first batch will be available from 3rd October 2015[A1]  (Saturday), the second from the 7th October 2015[A2]  (Wednesday), during business hours of the InfoKrakow points.
  • The open rehearsal of the Krakow Youth Philharmonic – Saturday, 10th October 2015, 10.30 AM, Auditorium Hall. The rehearsal will last approx. 3 hours. Leaving the Hall before the end of the rehearsal is possible.
  • AD HOC – Saturday, 10th October 2015, 3.00 PM. The show will run approx. 1 hour.
  • ICE BABY CNEMA – Saturday, 10th October 2015, 12 noon, level two of the foyer (F2) – free entrance, passes not needed.
  • Everyone wishing to participate in ticketed events may pick up maximum of 4 entrance passes. Holders of the Family Card 3+ or the Large Family Card – maximum 10 passes per person.
  • Every 30 minutes on the 10th of October 2015, there will be guided tours for visitors in groups of up to 40 people. The tour will begin as soon as a group of 40 people is assembled. The beginning of the tour will be announced via the public announcement system in the ICE Kraków foyer. The tour does not include the 3rd floor of the Centre. While events are ongoing at the Auditorium Hall and Theatre Hall, touring possibilities will be limited.
  • There will be two marked assembly points in the foyer of the Congress Centre, where the tours will begin. Employees of the Congress Centre will wait at these locations, from which they will begin the guided tours.
  • Tickets at a 15% discount may be purchased at the Centre ticket office, for the following events: the Jubilee Concert of Krystyna Prońko, the Jubilee Concert of the Polish Music Publishing House, Opera Rara – Siroe, and the Grand Jubilee of SKALDOWIE.
  • Entry to the CRACK Krakow – Fashion Festival 2015 fair, which will take place at ICE Kraków on the 10th of October 2015 will be paid. Ticket books selling the tickets to the fair will be located in three places: at the main entrance to the Centre, at the entrance from Bułhaka Street, and on the third floor of the foyer (F3). Tickets are available at 10 PLN per person.
  • Underground parking will be free for guests on levels -1 and -2.
  • We encourage you to use public transit. Information about transit availability may be found at, where a schedule of the City Transit Company in Krakow has been made available.
  • The closes public transit stops are situated within 50 metres from the building. The stop “Centrum Kongresowe” is served by 16 bus lines and 6 tram lines. A detailed schedule for the “Centrum Kongresowe can be found at
  • You can get to ICE Kraków using:
  • bus lines: 101, 112, 124, 144, 162, 164, 169, 173, 179, 184, 194, 424, 503, 608, 610, 662
  • tram lines: 12, 18, 22, 52, 62, 72


Media contact

All journalists interested in the events organized in the ICE Kraków, please contact

Michał Zalewski
Media contact

Tel.: 0048 513 099 671 / 0048 12 354 23 20