The Greatest Legends of Burlesque straight from London's West End at ICE Kraków

In December, a burlesque review that in 2010 was called the biggest hit show in London’s West End is coming to Poland! The dancers, who were an inspiration for the three main roles in the Golden Globe-winning Burlesque will present an incredible show – An Evening of Burlesque, with the impressive haute couture costumes, elements of pyrotechnics and stage design reminiscent of the 19th century. The unique combination of live music, dance, humour and sex appeal in a single show, which won standing ovations in the best theatres, from Milan to Petersburg. 

The main artists, starring in An Evening of Burlesque are the cream of the crop of the British talent, Hotcake Kitty, Amber Topaz, Chrys Columbine, Miss Slinky Sparkles, Ginger Blush and the Kalki Hula Girl, actresses counted among the legends of burlesque, have so far attracted thousands of viewers to their shows throughout Europe. The stars were nominated and won awards in many industry plebiscites, including London Cabaret Awards, and invited to the most popular shows worldwide, such as Dancing with the Stars or Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. The dancers also became the inspiration for the actors in Burlesque, featuring Cher and Christina Aguilera in the main roles. “In order to get into the magical world of burlesque I had to get into their artistic environment”, said Aguilera in an interview for one of the British internet portals. “I observed their work, the process of creation, and how they help each other reach some emotional points on stage. It helped me immensely to get into the role of Ali and to understand the character.

An Evening of Burlesque is a refined performance, which brings audience to the beautiful city of Paris. It is a place ruled by contrasts, where darkness is the most beautiful light and the main protagonists are fragile and imperious beings at the same time. Through songs that send chills down your spine, the instrumental music and the refined choreography, the artists confess to the audience. They tell their mysterious stories and show the complicated paths leading to the peak of their careers, and the ups and downs of this life. The tension is built through love stories, accompanied by hints of drama and passion. The characteristic element of the show are the costumes, worn by the dancers on stage – corsets shining with glitter, stockings and long gloves. During the show, the audience is able to literally get immersed into the world of burlesque, lose themselves in the sensations and escape for a moment from the surrounding reality. 

The audacity and stage presence of those girls makes you want to stand among them and let yourself be beguiled.
GQ Magazine

Burlesque is entertainment for a viewer, who demands the highest levels of professionalism from the artist, and An Evening of Burlesque delivers exactly that.
The Guardian

14.12.2016, 7:00 p.m. 
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