The ICE Kraków Congress Centre has presented its schedule of business events for 2018

During the press conference held on 8 February 2018, 34 business events were presented which will take place at the Centre this year. However, this is not all, since more contract negotiations are currently underway. The Kraków Festival Office, which is the operator of the Congress Centre, estimates that a minimum of 160 events will be held at ICE Kraków this year.


12,900,000 tourists visited Kraków in 2017 according to the data compiled by the Lesser Poland Tourist Organisation for the Kraków City Hall. This is an increase of 750,000 compared to the previous year. The statistics of the events held at ICE Kraków in 2017, with 179 events and 231,000 visitors, indicate that the Kraków tourism industry is becoming increasingly specialised.

In January, the international Travel+Leisure magazine, which has its headquarters in New York and is also published, inter alia, in Australia, Mexico, China, Russia, Asia and India, with a circulation of 4.8 million copies, placed Kraków on its list of the best tourist cities in Europe. It was ranked 5th, just behind Florence, Barcelona, Rome and San Sebastian in Spain.

Most visitors are traditional sightseers but owing to the development of new offerings for pilgrims as well as for medical and business tourists, the capital of Lesser Poland is increasingly visited by those who have specific activities in mind during their stay, e.g. participating in a congress while also taking advantage of the city’s tourist attractions.

The schedule as at 6 February 2018 assumes that 42 business events will take place, including conferences, congresses, corporate meetings, symposia and forums, accompanied by 59 cultural events and 9 commercial ones. However, we already know today that these numbers will increase as our team is negotiating further contracts right now, says Izabela Helbin who heads the Kraków Festival Office.

On 24 January, an extremely important development was reported from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, where the results of the Meetings Star Award competition were announced during the CONVENTA 2018 Trade Show.

This year, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre was ranked 2nd in the Convention Centres category, scoring 4.90 out of 5. The first place went to Austria Center Vienna with a score of 4.91.

It should be recalled that ICE Kraków was twice named New Europe’s Best Convention Centre in 2016 and 2017. This year’s second place confirms that Kraków is an important location for organisers of congresses and conferences, and the organisation of events, which is the responsibility of ICE operator, i.e. the Kraków Festival Office, consistently remains at world-class level.

Figures on the media presence of the Congress Centre are very promising as well, indicating that only in 2017, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre was mentioned:

  • 1,971 times in traditional print press;
  • 17,825 times in Internet portals;
  • 21,312 times on Facebook;
  • 44,658 times in all monitored media (press, portals, social media, blogs, forums). 

This is a huge promotion for the city.

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