The Imaginarium of Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz in ICE Kraków

This year Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz celebrates his 75th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the beginning of his artistic career, and it is a good excuse to celebrate! On that occasion the artist and the Krakow Festival Office have the pleasure to invite you to the anniversary concert on 7 October.

A co-founder of the famous  Anawa group, the author of "Ludźmierz Vespers", theatre and film music does not need to be introduced. For his anniversary concert Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz chose the impressive oratorio Gardens of Josaphat composed in 2002, inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Among 13 cantos we will hear in ICE Kraków, in addition to adaptations of Dante’s excerpts,  Leszek Moczulski’s song Lonely on Two Banks.

The work will be performed by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra and the choir under the baton of Professor Wiesław Delimat. The artist will also be accompanied by a plethora of soloists: sopranos - Iwona Socha and Elżbieta Towarnicka (whom the artist’s fans could also hear in The Harps of Papusha), Magdalena Idzik (mezzosoprano), Aleksander Kruczek (tenor) and Kamil Zdebel (bariton). Ewa Strusińska will conduct the entire work.

The guiding idea of the initiators of the concert and the artist himself came by particular coincidence. Quite recently (two years ago), we celebrated the 750th anniversary of birth of Dante and the 500th anniversary of birth of the creator of the oratorio form – Filippo Neri. The meeting of such prominent figures, artistic streams and inspirations, the opportunity to present them to a wider audience, was the greatest motivation for the programme of the anniversary concert.

The artist will transfer the audience to the land, or more specifically the valley of Josaphat – the space between Earth and Heaven and Hell, where according to Christian faith people will wait for the Last Judgment at the end of times. This special world, inspired directly by Dante’s vision, is a perfect illustration of Christian values common to the culture of the West. According to Hans Blumenberg, the ”Picture of the World” is a construct through which man comes to understand himself in the world of meanings.

Such a picture is put together on the basis of one myth. This myth is expressed in  Dante’s Commedia, one of the last great ”pictures of the world” spanning a bridge between heaven and earth, Christianity  and the  ”tragedy” of paganism. In addition, one should mention here that both: Filippo Neri, creating the form of the oratorio, and Dante, writing in Italian, opened the door to the “picture of the world” to a wide audience.

From the combination of the inspiration by both artists and with Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz overseeing the entire project, an oratorio performance will emerge that will surely captivate the listeners. The artist comments the project ”The Songs of the Valley of Josaphat is a singing concert whose premiere was originally planned to take place at a much later date – the time after the Last Judgment/according to the Scriptures/, so a rather distant ad unknown moment. However, my inborn impatience makes me to present the first premiere in ICE Kraków on  7.10.2017. So I invite you to the first premiere!”

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