The Industry engages the 4th geat at ICE Kraków! Impact'16 on the 15th of June.

Industry 4.0 is an alternative name for the fourth industrial revolution. The term was used for the first time in 2011 in a strategy project commissioned by the German government, the aim of which was the increase of competitiveness of the industry by using state-of-the-art IT technologies, namely digitisation implemented on a broad scale. 
The term “fourth industrial revolution” refers to the previous three revolutions, which can be defined in the history of industry worldwide. The first revolution brought about the age of steel at the end of the 18th century. The second one, at the beginning of the 20th century was connected to the invention of electricity and its use in mass production. The third revolution, which took place about 50 years ago, introduced computers to production. The fourth revolution, which we are witnessing right now would not exist without the Internet, and digitisation is its key theme. 

Industry 4.0 aims at realisation of the concept of the so-called intelligent factory, in which digital elements (known as cyber-physical systems) will create virtual copies of the real world in order to manage the production processes, optimising them at all times. The communication between the elements of the system, as well as humans, will take place thanks to the Internet of Things, connecting all people, processes, data and devices connected to the Internet. All of it will be governed by the cloud, tasked with the collection and processing of the data in order to find the most important information. 

How can digitisation revolutionise the industry? Just like steam, electricity and computers in the past, digitisation is a chance to increase productivity, since it allows to increase efficiency while decreasing costs. The enterprises are able to construct digital business models, which allow them to provide the required services and products to their customers. At the same time, digitisation allows for an in-depth effective analysis of the large amounts of data, as well as real-time communication between multiple elements of the production process without any human interaction.

The multiple benefits of industrial digitisation make it seem inevitable. Adapting the economy to the digital world is an immense challenge both for entrepreneurs, who want to survive on the market, but also for national institutions, which have to respond to the changes taking place in the world. Industry 4.0 makes us rethink the new shape of the economy and the perspectives for its further development. 

We invite you to discuss the key challenges and opportunities connected with the phenomenon of Industry 4.0 during the Impact’16 congress in Krakow. We are certain that the capital of Małopolska region will be the perfect place for a debate on the influence of the fourth industrial revolution on the Polish and international economy. 

15th – 16th of June 2016.


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