Promotional/PR activities of ICE Kraków were recognised in the Kryształy PR-u competition in 2015. The Congress Centre received an award in the Best Image in Social Media category. 150 participants in the conference “PR in Self-Government and Administration” (the competition is its integral part) visited the ICE Kraków on the 14th of May. Visitors could become familiar with the model of functioning of the Centre complex and visited the facility.


In this year’s competition, applications were accepted in the following 6 categories:

1.       Best Image in Social Media

2.       Best Promotional Video

3.       Best Promotion of EU Projects

4.       Best Creative Promotional Campaign

5.       Best City Newspaper/Bulletin

6.       Best Promotional & Information Campaign of Self-Government Company.

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre received an award in the Best Image in Social Media category.

Source: Photos: PR in Self-Government and Administration.

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre has participated actively in social media for a few years, although the inauguration of this activity took place on the 16th of October 2014. The progress of construction works and the team’s activities aimed at promoting the Centre could be watched on the Facebook page already before the opening ceremony of the building. Currently you can use this medium to keep track of the current functioning of the institution and events being held in the ICE Kraków and to learn about a broader context of activities of the local MICE industry. The activity of the team responsible for the image of the building was also recognised in the competition of industry professionals PR – PROTONY 2015 and during the Social Media Convent 2015 – the campaign promoting the Congress Centre was presented in the Case Study Festival competition. The Instagram profile of the ICE Kraków is currently followed by over 1,000 people. It is one of the most active accounts of conference & cultural centres in Poland. Videos on the YouTube platform are available for viewing in the channel of the Krakow Festival Office - the operator of the ICE Kraków (KFO’s channel)

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