It will be a treat for all fans of Krakow and... board games. Krakow, as one of the few cities of the world, will be able to boast their own custom edition of the Monopoly board game. The premiere of the game will take place on the 7th of November in the Bonarka City Centre shopping mall, where the giant board of the Krakow edition will be unveiled and family games will be held on it. There are numerous attractions prepared for the youngest players: games, competitions with prizes and a meeting with Mr Monopoly.

Monopoly is a legendary brand, a bestseller in the world of board games, which has been beating popularity records for 80 years. And with the 80th anniversary of the game, its publishers decided that Krakow will be another city to get its own edition of the classic game. All residents were invited to participate in the creation of the anniversary edition of the Monopoly – they decided what would appear on the key spaces on the board. The Radio Krakow listeners decided that Wawel would be the most expensive space in game, and the participants of the Gazeta Wyborcza survey picked Nowa Huta, which ended up on the very first space on the board.

 The final effect of all the decisions can be seen during the premiere of Monopoly Krakow, which will take place on Saturday, 7th of November in the Bonarka City Centre shopping mall (from 11 AM to 6 PM). On that day, a giant version of the Monopoly board will be presented, and games will be held all day long. The publisher of the game would like to invite not only children, but entire families. Players themselves will assume the role of the pieces, and giant foam dice will be used to determine the number of spaces the players have to move on the board. There are two other attractions in the programme: competitions and with prizes (such as the Monopoly Krakow board game) for children, and the meeting with a distinguished gentleman, Mr Monopoly, who will come for a photo shoot with the residents of Krakow.

The presentation of the game will also take place on Sunday, the 8th of November in Zakopianka Shopping Centre.

Bartłomiej Sikorski, the publisher’s representative, shared some of the secrets before the official premiere. “The Monopoly Krakow board will contain monuments such as the St Mary Basilica, ICE Kraków and the Krakow University of Technology. Technically speaking, every single object in Krakow can be there, including the famous carriages.

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