The most famous Russian Ballet ensemble in Poland once again!

After the success of its March tour, the Moscow City Ballet is returning to Poland once more in November and December! The Ballet was founded by the outstanding choreographer Victor Smirnov-Golovanov. A group of classical dancers, who have won acclaim across the world, will once again present two fantastic performances of Swan Lake and the Nutcracker.

The performances of the Moscow City Ballet are characterised by stunning costumes, impressive choreograph, magical lighting and captivating scenography. According to critics, it is impossible not to be charmed nor to forget their performances: they create great art, which is an experience even for those who do not like dance. The thrill and emotion awakened by the Moscow City Ballet is impossible to describe – it must be experienced! In the past few years, over 200,000 people have seen the Ballet in Poland! Audiences come out of performances with glowing faces, delighted with the magical climate of the performances. A greatly positive reaction is evoked by the talent and professionalism of the dancers, which is the result of years of hard training. The impressive clarity of movement of the dancers, in connection with fantastic choreography, shows us just how much Russians love ballet. The founder of the Moscow City Ballet, Victor Smirnov-Golovanov, once remarked: All those ballet heroes live within me. I am Clara, the Prince, the Mouse King. It all lives inside of me… Perhaps this is the secret of their great international success. Those who have not had a chance to view the talent of this group first hand, as well as those who would like to experience amazing moments once again, will have the opportunity this upcoming December. The Moscow City Ballet will present their most famous performances: Swan Lake and The Nutcracker

Swan Lake is a performance that is much loved by Polish audiences. It is a story about the fight of good with evil. It is about the power of love and emotions that transcend the border between life and death. The success of the show can be attributed to its outstanding choreography and music. The simplicity of the dramatic thread and emotional interpretation of Odette and Siegfried as a symbol of the power of love are illustrated through highly emotive dance routines. They show the spiritual transformation of the heroes. Magical waltzes, the proud polonez rhythms, the fiery Spanish dance and the emotional csárdás create a hypnotic and exceptional mood. Undoubtedly, it is the music that makes it special, with melodies that are both beautiful and subtle. A coherent theme is created from the first note to the last. The girls turned into Swans, the Evil Spirit and the emotions transcending the border between life and death unrelentingly touch the hearts of audiences across the world.

The Nutckracker has been called by the New York Times a stunning and breath-taking journey to the world of dreams. A little girl receives a nutcracker as a present. In her dream, it turns into a Prince and she turns into a Princess.

Various scenes involve characteristic ballet dances: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Spanish Dance, the Arab Dance, the Chinese Dance, the Trepak, the Shepherds’ Dance and the final Dance of the Flowers. The beautiful symphonic music provides a coherent whole. It does not divide up into fragments as is the case in most musical ballets, but makes up a wonderful, danceable, symphonic poem that is unusually ‘comprehensible’ for any dancer, and also – perhaps even more importantly – for the audience. The Nutcracker is a show that will be much loved by those who have never had the occasion to go to a ballet performance – especially for children.

The performance of the Russian dancers has brought audiences into the world of children’s dreams: a colourful, fairy-tale, full of magic and charm, where everything always turns out right.

Gazeta Wyborcza

Moscow City Ballet

16.12.2017 19.00 The Nutcracker. Tickets here. 

17.12.2017 15.00 Swan Lake. Tickets here. 

17.12.2017 19.00 Swan Lake. Tickets here. 

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