The musical Aladyn, Jr. in ICE Classic Congress Centre

The musical Aladyn, one of the adaptations of Walt Disney’s animated 1992 film Aladdin. It was the thirty-first animation of the famous studio. The film itself is based on the traditional Arabian fable, which is part of the famous One Thousand and One Nights collection (also known as Arabian Nights). The creators have modernised the message of this old story by giving the characters motivations that are easier to understand for young audiences of today. The performance lasts about 1 hour and includes most of the well-known songs from the film and one new one. The Aladyn, Jr. version, designed for young actors, is a one-act stage adaptation based on the plot of the film. Street thief Aladdin accidentally meets the beautiful and rebellious princess Jasmine, who has just fled the palace from an unwanted marriage, arranged by her father, the sultan. The boy, captured by the guards of the evil vizier Jafar, finds help with a genie that fulfils his three wishes and, as Prince Ali, asks Jasmine for her hand. But will the young street urchin be believable in a costume up that doesn’t really suit him? And how will the princess, dreaming of Aladdin, receive him?

The greatest advantage of this funny and instructive show is the beautiful, melodious songs with music by Alan Menken, who was awarded two Oscars for Aladdin, and the timeless message that despite all the temptations of fate, it is always worth simply being yourself.

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