The Noble Box Małopolska Gala 2016

The NOBLE BOX is a charity project based on direct help, in which the Volunteers prepare packages and boxes for the families in need. It is a nationwide initiative, which – like no other charitable action – brings together hundreds of thousands of people. The Noble Box Małopolska Gala will take place on the 6th of February in ICE Kraków, starting at 6:00 PM.

The Noble Box helps families who found themselves in difficult financial situation due to causes outside of their control. The project reaches the struggling families and the real poverty – the hidden one, not the one that is vocal and full of demands. For those families, the contact with our Volunteers and the help provided becomes an impulse to change. The goal of the foundation is to provide smart help – one that would give chances and motivation.

The Noble Box Gala connects all the stories of people who received help, as well as all actions of everyone involved in the project. The participants will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Foundation’s operations and remember successes from the 15th Edition of the Noble Box. There will be no shortage of artistic performances and other attractions either.

ICE Kraków                             

6th of February 2016

Starting at 6:00 PM


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