The Passion of Buena Vista in ICE Krakow!

If you watched the Buena Vista Social Club film red-faced, if you constantly listen to music from this film, then you cannot miss the live show of the Pasion de Buena Vista. This is a group of Cuban artists, who are coming to visit our country once again, encouraged by the delight of Polish audiences and the spectacular success of their earlier performances.

Exceptional vocalists, dancers and musicians will once again take you on a journey through exciting Cuban nights, showing you both along the streets of Havana and the heavenly Caribbean islands, getting you to feel real Cuban joy!!!

If you fell in love with Buena Vista Social Club, then you must not miss this show!

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An exhilarating Cuban show, which will most certainly fire up Your hearts.


A guarantee of the highest quality is that most of the Pasion de Buena Vista members, have performed with the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. Several years ago, the artists from this group were the heroes of an amazing and unforgettable film called the Buena Vista Social Club, which was in essence a record of a musical performance of the group. Authentic passion coupled with untamed Latin energy of music on fire mean that audiences will fall in love with traditional Cuban rhythms, and will not be able to forget them. They have been acclaimed by critics as deserving successors. The group includes the singers Maida Grandeurs and Antonio Castro, who have appeared on the same stage as the legendary Ibrahim Ferrera, Juan de Marcos, Gonzales and Compay Segundo. They often perform with Omar Portuondo. The dancers come from the legendary Havana night club – the Tropicana cabaret – which has generated nightly queues for performances for 70 years.

Pasion de Buena Vista is an exceptional Cuban show, full of energy, charm, power and charisma. It is an exciting mix of exuberant dance and irresistible music, performed in beautiful scenography and exhilarating choreography. Unique musicians, the most popular vocalists and unbelievable dancers together create a performance, which will infect you with Cuban humour and temperament. The artists will fire up in you a Cuban passion for life through their unique mix of sadness and joy, along with rhythms that get under our skin, melodies and moves that get straight to your heart.  Pasion de Buena Vista is an expression of love for Cuba. The well-known dancer and choreographer Francisco Blanco Prada promises that ‘the performance will introduce you to a new dimension of dance and song. Pasion de Buena Vista is the purest Cuban flame’.

Soon these exceptional vocalists, dancers and musicians will take you on a journey through the excitement of Cuban nights, leading you through the streets of Havana. You will get to feel the real Cuban joy of life – and all this will happen on 02.02.2018 in ICE Kraków. 

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