The Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala in Krakow!

On the 22nd of September, the Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala took place in Łódź, featuring 20 prominent personalities from the world of science. Representatives of ICE Kraków were present at the event and they personally congratulated the newly-titled scientists. Among them was Piotr Gajewski, M.D., editor-in-chief of the monthly Medycyna Praktyczna. During the gala, an announcement was made that the next edition of the event would take place at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

The organisers of the Congress Ambassadors programme are the Polish Tourist Organisation and the “Konferencje i Kongresy w Polsce” Association. Its aim is to recognise people who acquire new congresses for Poland. Thanks to representing our country in various international structures, Congress Ambassadors have an opportunity to use their contacts to promote Poland. Paula Fanderowska, the Krakow Festival Office Deputy Director for ICE Kraków Congress Centre, received the title on behalf of Piotr Gajewski, M.D., the editor-in-chief of the monthly Medycyna Praktyczna, which is a regular and frequent partner of ICE Kraków.

During the event, the location of its next edition was announced. After the invitation issued by Rafał Perłowski, director of the Department of Promotion and Tourism of Krakow’s City Hall, the event organisers – the Polish Tourist Organisation and the “Konferencje i Kongresy” Association made the decision to organise the Ambassadors Gala at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. This is quite an honour and an opportunity to present the facility’s organisational capabilities.

The aim of the Congress Ambassadors programme is to recognise people who actively and effectively acquire new congresses for Poland. The idea is part of the strategy of ICE Kraków and corresponds with the work of the Krakow Festival Office aimed at the integration of the meetings industry. An example of such actions is the Krakow Network initiative, the mission of which to build a strong group of businesses from various sectors, the works of which will increase the number of business events carried out in the capital of Małopolska. The organiser of the cycle is the ICE Kraków operator – the Krakow Festival Office.


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