The Sixth Annual ASPIRE Conference – The Dragon Wakes

This year’s edition of the most important annual business conference in Krakow takes place under a somewhat provocative, creative title, referring to the Wawel dragon: “The Dragon Wakes”! Looking back at so-called hard data and the enormous progress of the industry over the past 10 years, the organisers’ optimism seems to be deeply justified.

In 2016, Krakow took first place in Europe in the global industry Tholons ranking for the third time. The number of people employed in the IT/SSC/BPO sectors exceeded the amazing number of 50,000 employees. No one can have any doubts anymore that the industry is absolutely crucial not only for the international image of Krakow as a global business centre, but also – perhaps more importantly – for the real prospects of Krakow in the process of building a modern, open ecosystem, not only from the business point of view, but especially from the point of view of the growth of a mature, modern civil society, where such ideas as SMART CITY, sustainable development and environmental awareness have a real chance to flourish.

The organiser of this year’s sixth edition of the event is the ASPIRE association, the members and partner organisations of which include over 150 major companies present in Krakow – most of them global brands. This year, the organiser of the conference decided not only to very carefully look at the prospects of the industry itself, the most interesting trends and phenomena in technology, the evolution of the labour market, the quality and diversity of jobs available in Krakow, but also to refer to the most important factors shaping the PERSONALITY OF THE CITY, the power of its INTERNATIONAL BRAND and CREATIVE SPACE that liberates, intelligently connecting and integrating various stakeholders. The questions posed by the conference organisers include such issues as “What does a ‘creative city’ mean?”, “How to build a strong, unique brand of Krakow in the international arena?” and “What factors and priorities are critical in this process?”
As has become tradition, the conference is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Krakow, the Małopolska Voivode and the Małopolskie Voivodeship Marshal. Among the confirmed guests are not only CEOs and senior executives of leading international companies, but also professors of the world’s most prominent universities, visionaries and best-selling authors in the field of science, technology and entrepreneurship.

The list of confirmed guests and participants of the conference is nearly 3000 people in three thematic modules: ASPIRE FOR KIDS (in cooperation with the Children’s University), ASPIRE Industry Summit (industry, business, technology, leadership, etc.) and ASPIRE FOR ALL (the event’s title, “Inspiring Future Leaders”, speaks for itself).

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