The Smurfs – Live On Stage at ICE Kraków!

After the huge successes of The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2, the producers decided to create an extraordinary musical theatre performance, The Smurfs – Live On Stage, which provides an opportunity to experience your favourite Smurfs live. This unique show, which is part of a world tour, will also be seen at ICE Kraków.

The huge production, the value of which exceeded 4 million euro, fairy tale scenery, a fantastic light show, colourful costumes, fascinating adventures with a large dose of humour, beautiful music and interactions with the audience – all this, plus your favourite Smurfs, together on one stage. The show, which has already been seen by more than 5 million viewers around the world, has visited the biggest cities, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Sydney, Los Angeles, Brussels and Paris. Stars of film and stage are fascinated with Smurfs live. After seeing the show, Britney Spears and her sons (9 and 10-years-old) did not hide their fascination with the blue heroes: “The Smurfs are charming and they have a good heart. For my sons, they’re an example to follow. Each Smurf has a different character, different than the others and valuable at the same time. We’re thrilled!” Also expressing her enduring affection for the Smurfs was Katy Perry: “These are incredible adventures of tiny blue people who can defeat evil with their big hearts. It’s fascinating, and I love them for it”. Across the Atlantic, popular stars lent their voices to the characters, including Neil Patrick Harris, Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry. In January, after many months of efforts, the Smurftastic music tour – the largest and the only licensed show – Smurfs – Live On Stage – will steal the hearts of the audience at ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

Not on a television screen, but on stage for the very first time! Amidst the sheer volume of low-value modern fairy tales, emanating violent scenes, we’ll travel to the Smurfs’ village, teeming with kindness and good. It will be a unique opportunity to help the heroes of the show save Mother Nature to the sounds of instructive songs. Will the Smurfs save Mother Nature, or will the evil sorcerer eliminate Spring once and for all?

“I think we’ve loved the Smurfs for years, because each of us can find a part of ourselves in their characters. Some of us are grouchy, others are know-it-alls. Maybe not everyone is a Smurfette, but certainly every girl would like to be her. The Smurfs are linked by very strong bonds and above all, they are a loving family. They support each other. I think that that is their secret. Each of them is an individual we can identify with, but despite this, they all accept each other without reservations”, said Neil Patrick Harris, known for his role as Barney in How I Met Your Mother, not hiding his emotions.

Music and singing are key elements in a child’s development. An appropriately chosen story develops the imagination and foresight, teaches proper models of behaviour. “Oh, the Smurfs! There’s just something about those beloved blue creatures that instantly makes us nostalgic for our childhood”, said Demi Lovato. If you think that The Smurfs cannot surprise you, come and see how wrong you are!

The Smurfs – Live On Stage

28-30 January 2017

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