The Vars & Kaperin the ICE Kraków Congress Centre on 3 December

The Vars & Kaper – DeconstructiON concert will open this year’s edition of Jazz Juniors International Exchange. The trio of Paweł Kaczmarczyk will perform with singer Dorota Miśkiewicz on the stage of ICE Kraków Congress Centre on 3 December.

Perhaps jazz is gone and only improvised music remains, inspired by our times and history? Perhaps this is where the holy grail of creation should be sought? Somewhere between our maker and our making? “Vars & Kaper – DeconstructiON” is not only a blend of Polish jazz roots that reach deeply back to the film music by two grand composers: Henryk Wars and Bronisław Kaper, often interpreted by such giants as John Coltrane and Miles Davis, with a here-and-now music. It is not only catchy and pleasant Slavonic tunes played with a modern edge. It is also a search for common ground between a DJ and the ambiance of acoustic instruments. A place where the contemporary groove and sensibilities of a piano trio don't fight for a better tomorrow, but create a nexus between what is past and what is modern. Like Yin and Yang. The great balance of Power. Bronisław Kaper and Henryk Wars were two of the first Poles to set foot on Hollywood soil and co-create the success of American cinema during the golden age of Hollywood. Their compositions sounded in over two hundred American productions from the 1930 to 1960s. Despite their undisputed contribution to the development of American cinema, their names do not usually ring a bell in Poland. Fans of Miles Davis and John Coltrane can be surprised to learn that the famous jazz standards “On Green Dolphin Street” and “Invitation” were written by Bronisław Kaper, and Polish fans of interwar songs “Miłość ci wszystko wybaczy”, “Zimny Drań” and “Umówiłem się z nią na dziewiątą” can hardly recall the author of these pre-war evergreens, namely Henryk Wars. Kaper made history in Polish cinematography in 1953 as the first Polish Academy Award winner, in the best score category for the film “Lili.” Paweł Kaczmarczyk, a talented Polish jazz pianist and improviser, together with the acclaimed ensemble Audiofeeling Trio that he founded, decided to rediscover the forgotten repertoire of the Hollywood soundtrack masters and subjected it to a creative and experimental deconstruction. This new and extraordinary feel is a meeting of two styles and a clash of live composing with the classic language specific to the golden age of Hollywood.

The excellent Polish singer Dorota Miśkiewicz will be a guest co-performer at the concert inaugurating this year’s edition of Jazz Juniors International Exchange with Paweł Kaczmarczyk.

The band in the following line-up will perform in the Theatre Hall, ICE Kraków Congress Centre, on 3 December:

Paweł Kaczmarczyk – piano, Kuba Dworak – double bass, Dawid Fortuna – drums, Mr Krime – DJ, guest performer Dorota Miśkiewicz – vocals.

The Vars & Kaper – DeconstructiON concert is an official inauguration of the Jazz Juniors International Exchange programme. It will include premiere showcases and contest auditions between 3-5 December in Krakow’s Zet Pe Te club (ul. Dolnych Młynów 10). Bands from Italy, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Russia, and Poland announced their participation. A series of accompanying concerts and jam sessions will take place in Harris Piano Jazz Bar (Rynek Główny 28) alongside the main programme.

The laureate concert will be performed on 6 December in the Romana Bobrowska concert studio of Radio Kraków (al. Słowackiego 22).

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