The world’s first congress centre folder on Instagram!

New technologies became an integral part of our world. These days almost everyone has a smartphone with a data plan, making it necessary to think about harnessing this potential, carried around in our purses, backpacks and pockets. This is why the team of the Krakow Festival Office, operator of ICE Kraków Congress Centre developed and prepared the world’s first advertisement folder of a congress centre available directly on Instagram.

Research shows that on average every person spends 2.42 hours a day looking at smartphone screen. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have become our sources of interesting content, news and entertainment. Estimates say that over 60% of users browse the Internet using their smartphones. Additionally, using social media such as Instagram is one of the modern ways to contact potential clients and customers; however, these days simply uploading stunning photographs is not enough.


“In July this year, dscout – a research company – published a report from an experiment that checked our interactions with mobile phones. The research** showed that on average, we grab our smartphones 76 times a day!”, said Izabela Helbin, director of the Krakow Festival Office. “Users spent a lot of time in various places, including Instagram. After analysing the report, we decided to do something no other venue in the world has ever done. Our new project was based on the freshly published traditional advertising folder. And so, we went on to transfer it to the on-line world. This is how @icekrakowFOLDER – the world’s first congress centre advertising folder on Instagram – was created”, she added.

ICE Kraków Congress Centre is perceived as one of the leading players in the meetings industry. The venue enjoys considerable interest, as evidenced by the event calendar and the award for the best congress centre of the New Europe – the Meetings Star Award – received by ICE Kraków in January this year. However, in order to maintain our leading position on the market, we have to introduce innovative marketing activities. Only this approach guarantees constant interest of event organisers. Thus, the activities undertaken by our marketing and promotion team are bold and often pioneering, such as the ICE Kraków folder on Instagram.

The latest forecasts by eMarketer show that 50% of social media users are going to use Instagram in 2017***. The reasons for this are that it is an engaging portal, easy to use and based on visual messages. The marketers also noted that it is possible to use Instagram to influence consumer decisions in real world. Taking this into account, the promotional plan of ICE Kraków envisions combining activities in on-line and off-line worlds. Thanks to our presence on the Internet we can reach potential participants of the events taking place in the venue and encourage them to familiarise themselves with our offer.


ICE Kraków folder was built according to the simple principle of cascading profiles. Upon entering the main profile of the folder (@ICEKRAKOWFOLDER), users see an image that serves as a table of contents, presenting the halls in the venue, architectural concept, the city of Krakow and Małopolska region. In order to learn more about the sections, they have to go to another profile.

How to do that? For example, in order to see the Auditorium Hall, it is enough to click any photograph in that section. The sub-profile of the Hall was tagged in the photographs. Every photo is also accompanied by appropriate description, including hints. Upon entering the sub-profile, users can see the full characteristics of a given space in the form of photographs, video materials recorded by ICE Kraków staff and infographics with technical details. The same principle was used for all the sections in the main folder, to which the users can return by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner of their screen. The principle is very simple and intuitive for everyone who has used Instagram at least once.

The main purpose for preparing such a unique folder was to create a tool for the Congress Centre’s sales team. During exhibitions, fairs and industry meetings with event organisers, potential tenants and event agencies, our representatives will have mysterious business cards containing nothing but a simple address: This serves as another way to intrigue the future client and give them an opportunity to learn more about the venue on their own, as well as to pay a virtual visit to the spaces of ICE Kraków. Not only will it be a modern tour, it is also going to be simply interesting.

You can check it out yourself by visiting the world’s first congress centre folder on Instagram.

Open the app on your smartphone and go to @icekrakowFOLDER

Have fun and... a great tour of ICE Kraków!


Analysis of the potential: Krakow Festival Office New Media and PR Department team led by Magdalena Łukasik – Marketing Director of ICE Kraków Congress Centre
Creative concept: Michał Zalewski
Implementation and execution: Krzysztof Witek, Michał Zalewski

* dscout research; February 2016

** Social Media Today research: Instagram and e-commerce are clicking; August 2016
*** eMarketer research: Instagram Continues Double-Digit Growth; February 2016


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