Przyszedł mężczyzna do kobiety / A Man Comes to a Woman, or a man who has been through a lot and a woman with a past. A moving comedy about love, the search for understanding and the closeness of another person. The history of people mistreated by life, whose sad and ordinary cares transform into passionate feelings. On the 10th of December 2015, the Theatre Hall of ICE Kraków will become a place of dilemmas of the heart. Join us!

Nina and Wiktor’s love is proof that life without a loved one is empty and sad. See for yourself that this play is also about you and that it is never too late for love. Perhaps this spectacle will help you in solving your emotional dilemmas?

TADEUSZ CHUDECKI – known not only from the theatre, but also film, TV series and TV programmes for children. He has worked with such directors as Andrzej Wajda, Kazimierz Kutz and Adam Hanuszkiewicz. He has gained high popularity as Henio in the TV series M jak miłość. Traveling is his life’s passion. He connects his professional life with constant travels all over the world. He has visited over 120 countries and written three guides: Podróże na każdą kieszeń / Travels for Every Budget, Dalej w drogę / On the Road Again and Historia jednej podróży – Azja / The Story of One Journey – Asia. Recently, he began his own programme for TVP1, Podróże z Chudeckim / Travels with Chudecki.

VIOLA ARLAK – theatre, film and television actress, she has appeared for nine years at the Stefan Żeromski Theatre in Kielce, where she played thirty main roles. She has won the viewers’ plebiscite “Wild Roses” six times. She is best known for the series M jak miłość and Ranczo, as well as feature films Dzień świra / The Day of the Wacko and Jerzy Stuhr’s Obywatel / Citizen. She can be seen in Warsaw theatres.

  • Directors: Viola Arlak and Tadeusz Chudecki
  • Assistant director: Bogumiła Michalska
  • Costumers: Viola Śpiechowicz
  • Stage design: Małgorzata Grabowska - Kozera

ICE Kraków 
Sala Teatralna
M. Konopnickiej 17


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