Time for hits of Malicki and Kmita! The Philharmonic of Wit in ICE Kraków!

Already on the 26th of February at 6:30 p.m., in the Auditorium Room of the Congress Centre of ICE Kraków, an exceptional entertainment show will be held; it will be recorded by TVP specially for Easter 2015. After four years, the Philharmonic of Wit returns to the hospitable studio of TVP2 – this time in the company of the cult Rafał Kmita Group. Hosts of the evening will be Waldemar Malicki and Karol Wolski (RKG’s actor), who will host the concert filled with the best songs of the Philharmonic of Wit and revolutionary sketches and songs by the Rafał Kmita Group.

The program has been prepared specially on this occasion, and high-quality wit and excellent orchestra performance will undoubtedly be an artistic feast for lovers of classical music and not only…

Three hours spent in the Congress Centre of ICE Kraków will be filled with several most popular motifs of classical music and pop music, which are interconnected with such mastery of arrangement that at some point the listener may found himself not knowing whether he has already left the world of classical music and has entered the world of musical hits, or vice versa.

The choice of the repertoire, arrangements and texts by Jacek Kęcik and Rafał Kmita should provide much pleasure, fun, reflection, emotions and light yet sophisticated wit to the audience.

The show is organised by Telewizja Polska SA and co-organised by the Krakow Festival Office.

ICE Kraków Congress Centre
ul. M. Konopnickiej 17, Kraków
26th of February 2015, 6:30 p.m.



TV production for 


Tickets at the price of PLN 60-100 can be bought via www.eventim.pl and in InfoKraków city information points from the 29th of January 2015.

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The Philharmonic of Wit is an orchestra of 19 musicians who can play as a complete symphony orchestra or, after a while, as a big band when conducted by Bernard Chmielarz and with his arrangements. The most dynamic and temperamental music show in Poland. An unpredictable, surprising, atmospheric and explosive performance.

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Shows by Rafał Kmita Group are vivid texts full of perverse humour, excellent music by Bolesław Rawski and high-quality expressive acting. Rafał Kmita Group is a unique attraction on Polish stages. This phenomenon has once been described as follows by Michał Ogórek: In music, the dramatic chord is different from the light chord only with one note – Rafał Kmita Group is recognisable due to the fact there is only a distance of one word between comedy and tragedy in their shows.

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The organiser has the right to record the concert by means of video and audio recording equipment and to broadcast it on TVP’s channels. The participant in the concert acknowledges that participation in this event is tantamount to the approval of free photographing and filming of him/her and to the recording, broadcasting and dissemination of his/her voice or image for documentation, reporting, advertising and promotional purposes in connection with any programme or publication in which the recording of the concert will be used.

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