On the 19th of May, Tony Buzan will present his lecture for almost 2,000 students at the age of 12-16 years and their teachers in the ICE Kraków. The creator of the Mind Mapping method is promoting his new BUTTERFLY Project – an international social movement “Learning How to Learn" – and will arrive in Krakow upon the invitation of the Embassy for Women Entrepreneurship Foundation and 100% MAD Polska to teach new thinking techniques.

The world we live in is flooded with information that is difficult to remember; in order to address these problems, events are organised to raise the awareness of how important the method of learning is if the learning process is to be effective and pleasant. Mind Maps is a tool for teaching others how to learn.

Tony Buzan is a world-famous intellectual, an authority in learning techniques, the creator of the Mind Mapping method, an editor of the International Journal of MENSA, the author of 140 books published in 30 languages, the founder of the Brain Trust Charity, Use Your Head/Brain Clubs, the President of the Mind Sports Council, the creator of the Memoriad (the World Memory Championships) and one of the creators of the Mind Sports Olympiad, the originator and leader of the BUTTERFLY Project and one of the creators of the 100% MAD Project, which is implemented as 100% MAD Polska in Poland.

Embassy for Women Entrepreneurship Foundation


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The 19th of May, 11.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.
ICE Kraków Congress Centre
ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17

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