Verdi and women at ICE Kraków!

On the 2nd of December, you are invited for the only Polish concert by Cristian Lanza, the grandson of opera singer and Hollywood star Mario Lanza, who in his time was hailed as the most famous tenor in the world.

Born in Rome, Cristian has successfully nurtured his family musical traditions, giving concerts in the most famous halls in Europe. Critics often compare his voice to the lyrical sound of Mario Lanza’s voice, but Cristian himself has repeatedly emphasised that it is not easy to live up to his illustrious grandfather.

Giuseppe Verdi is primarily associated with the image of a distinguished older gentleman with a grey beard and a black top hat. He was a great patriot and a magnificent composer of many excellent operas. It may seem that women did not have a great influence on his life and work. In the meantime, it was completely different. The death of his first wife nearly led the young Verdi to abandon composing. 

How the further fate of the composer turned out, to whom he owes his greatest successes and who was his greatest support and inspiration, you will find out during the “Verdi and Women” concert. Arias, duets and the most beautiful choruses from his operas will be interspersed with fragments of his letters, which he wrote to his friends and supporters throughout his life. 

In addition to the women who accompanied Verdi in his life, appearing on stage will be a whole range of the most famous heroines of his works, including Aida, fighting for her emotions, Gilda (Rigoletto), experiencing the first innocent love, the wounded Desdemona (Othello), Violetta (La Traviata), queen of the Parisian salons, and the cunning Lady Macbeth.

Among the artists will be Silvia Rampazzo, Aksana Yakushewich, Cristian Lanza, the Choir of the Polish Opera and the Roncole Verdi Orchestra under the baton of Marcin Wolniewski.

The concert will be accompanied by a mini-exhibition of paintings of the designs of opera costumes by Małgorzata Słoniowska.

VERDI and Women
2.12.2016, 7.00 p.m.
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