Vienna Mozart Orchestra at ICE Kraków

Once a year, the Vienna Mozart Orchestra leaves Vienna to go on a short tour to promote Vienna-style classical music worldwide. The orchestra has already visited Japan, Singapore, Morocco, Panama, Mexico, Kuwait, the US and many European countries. After celebrating last year’s great success in Warsaw, the Vienna Mozart Orchestra is now returning to our country! This time it will play in a few Polish cities, including Krakow – at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

The Vienna Mozart Orchestra is a pride of the Austrian capital. The presence at a concert given by the ensemble is a must for every music lover when visiting Vienna. Thirty talented and experienced musicians, as well as world-renowned opera singers and instrumentalists present the most popular works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at Vienna’s prestigious concert venues. The ensemble’s characteristic feature is the use of historical costumes and wigs which make the audience feel as if it were transferred back to the 18th century when Vienna was the centre of the country’s cultural life under the Habsburg rule.

The Vienna Mozart Orchestra was founded in 1986 by the best and highly acclaimed  musicians originating from Vienna symphonic and chamber orchestras. From the very beginning, the members of the orchestra have spared no effort to preserve Vienna’s musical tradition and cultural heritage, by cultivating and worthily representing Viennese music of the classical period. The works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was not born in Vienna but the capital of Austria became his home, are a guiding theme for thirty outstanding musicians. The orchestra’s repertoire represents a plethora of masterpieces by the Salzburg-born master, from symphonic works through various instrumental concerts to arias and duets from his most famous operas. The orchestra’s programme, period attire and wigs, as well as the musicians’ enthusiasm and a truly Viennese spirit in the concert halls make the audiences feel as if they were members of the eighteenth-century Vienna’s high society participating in a real musical academy.

The concerts of the Vienna Mozart Orchestra belong to the most important Vienna’s cultural events, forming an important part of the artistic life of Austria’s capital city and a great tourist attraction. The concerts are given four times a week, in such renowned venues as the  Golden Hall in Musikverein, the Vienna State Opera,  Wiener Konzerthaus, or the Hofburg’s Great Hall, always filled to the brim. Once a year the Vienna Mozart Orchestra sets off on a concert tour. The musicians visited Japan nine times and had the honour to inaugurate the Mozart’s Year in Tokyo in 1991. In 2002, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs selected the orchestra to represent Austria at the International Cervantino Festival, the largest music festival in Latin America. The artists guest starred in Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Korea, Singapore, Morocco, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil, Canada, the US,  Hungary, Ukraine, Malta, Slovenia, Cyprus and Taiwan.

The orchestra’s numerous recordings include The Best of Mozart, A Mozart Concert in Vienna, A Mozart Evening in Vienna, the film Mozart in Salzburg and  a DVD, The Best of Mozart, recorded in the Golden Hall Musikverein in September 2004.

This year’s tour of Poland will be a real treat for classical music aficionados. For a brief moment, they will be transferred to Austria in the eighteenth century, the period that stamped its mark on Vienna, the capital  the Habsburg Empire, more visibly than any other era in the country’s history.


18th December 2014, 7.00 pm

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