Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company in ICE Krakow on November 5th!

We are sorry to announce that the concert of the Bieriozka Moscow Ballet company planned for 5th November 2017 has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of ICE Krakow and the organiser. The concert has been replaced by a performance of the world famous ‘Virsky’ Ukrainian National Dance Company. 

The VIRSKY UKRAINIAN NATIONAL DANCE COMPANY originated in 1937, when two magnificent dancers: Pavlo Virsky and Mykola Bolotov founded the first ever Ukrainian folk dance ensemble. The ensemble developed quickly to become world famous. Stunning choreography of folk dances embraced the traditions and the beauty of Ukraine and depicted them in an extraordinary and unique way. By linking folklore to acrobatics and classical dance, the ensemble has enjoyed world-wide recognition and glory in the form of numerous distinctions, diplomas, awards and credits. The Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company has performed in more than 70 countries across all continents. Each performance is a fountain of joy, artistic expression and exuberance, sense of humour and reflection, always performed at the highest level, unequalled in quality. World press reviews of their shows are usually brief and full of superlatives: ‘MASTERPIECE’ , ‘EXTRAORDINARY’, ‘SENSATIONAL’.  Their regular concert programme comprises magnificent, unequalled choreography of folk dances: Hopak, My z Ukraine, Sestry, Lalki  and many other dances that have always inspired both awe and euphoria among spectators. 

Myroslav Vantukh, an extremely charismatic artist, has been the director of the Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company since 1980. Under his leadership, the ensemble has been very successful. In 1991 he founded a ballet school for children under the auspices of the dance company. This has provided the opportunity for a new generation of superb artists to learn from the very best. 

The Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company in ICE Krakow.

05 November

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