When Poland meets India – the 16th Cracovia Danza Court Dance Festival

Poland and India – two countries divided not only by a distance of a few thousand kilometres, but also history and culture – are closer to each other than one might think. Their art turns out to have much in common, which often comes as a surprise both to Indians and Poles. And the things that are common for both countries will be present in a show inaugurating the 16th Cracovia Danza Court Dance Festival. The show will take place on the 26th of July at 7 p.m., in the Theatre Hall of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

The show entitled When Poland meets India is a story of mutual fascinations and the intermingling of cultures and arts. It will be a feast of music and dance in a glare of colours and lights on the stage. Masters of dance and music from India and Poland have been invited to participate in the show.

One of the guests will be Alaknanda Bose – a dancer, a choreographer, the founder and director of the Alaknanda Institute for Performing Arts (AIPA), and the organiser of the Indo European Dance Festival or the Global Cultural Dance Festival – the events that are highly appreciated in Asia. In Krakow, she will perform together with her dance band Sanskriti. The artist will be accompanied on stage by Barun Banerjee – an Indian master of dance and one of the best performers of classic Indian kathak dance. The Polish performers will be Romana Agnel – a dancer and a choreographer, a specialist in early dances, mainly Baroque dances, the founder and director of the Cracovia Danza Court Ballet, who will be accompanied by Dariusz Brojek – a choreographer and dancer of Cracovia Danza specialising in many dance techniques, mainly classical and early dance. The Cracovia Danza Court Ballet will also perform alongside Polish soloists.

On the musical stage, Maria Pomianowska – an instrumentalist and vocalist playing traditional Polish and Indian instruments – will perform together with Kamal Sabri – a master of sarangi, a composer and performer of music for many Hollywood and Bollywood films. Enjoying worldwide popularity thanks to his performances on the radio and TV, Sabri comes from a family that has engaged in music for seven generations. The Polish-Indian pair of musicians will also be joined by Zespół Polski Marii Pomianowskiej and Brahmaswar – a vocal band from India.
Organiser: Cracovia Danza Court Ballet
The inauguration show is co-organised by the Krakow Festival Office.



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