Yamato: The Drummers of Japan - back at ICE Kraków

The most famous Japanese drummers in the world are coming back with their latest show in November of this year. A huge dose of optimism, thrills and a one a kind sound of the Far East – all of it guaranteed by a sensational performance of the Japanese group YAMATO. The sounds produced by the musicians are inspired by traditional Japanese music, but they come together to form modern, subversive variations on it. Each artist puts on their own cabaret/theatrical show. The breath-taking solo performances are interspersed with phenomenal, trance-like group pieces. The entire audience gets involved in the show – they clap, beating the rhythm together, and repeat the beats of the drums. Everyone who wants to recharge with an incredible dose of energy during the cold Polish autumn is invited, also on behalf of the organisers, to ICE Kraków.

The YAMATO group is famous for spectacular shows in which they present the art of playing traditional taiko drums. The performances of the Japanese artists feature an incredible combination of the sounds of the drums with the sounds of traditional plucked string instruments (koto, chappa, shino-bue, samisen, kane). YAMATO presents excellent interpretations of musical traditions that have been connected with the culture and religion of Japan for centuries. Perfect synchronisation would not be possible without hours of intense practice and extreme focus. The performance, in which the artists use several dozen drums with a diameter of up to five metres, as well as drum sticks that weigh up to 3.5 kilograms, is an incredible experience. The fantastic show the artists put on takes up so much energy that they need twelve hours of rest to recover afterwards. The unique drummers, among whom we will also see women, amaze and delight the audience with rhythm, choreography and sound from the first beat. Thanks to the combination of musical instruments and practiced playing technique, YAMATO shows offer audiences an incredible diversity. Surprising stunts combined with the artists’ exquisite humour help ensure that the spectacle will be remembered by all viewers for a long time. The show will also be spiced up by the colourful authentic Japanese costumes of the drummers.

“The drummers put on a show so powerful that plaster rained down from the ceiling. The artists turned out to be not only masters of rhythm, but also true showmen.”
Gazeta Wyborcza

The YAMATO group, since their inception in 1993, have performed around the world in over 3,500 concerts in 51 countries. In 1998, the drummers were guests of the prestigious Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. For their performance, they received the Fringe Award, and The Scotsman wrote that they combine the energy of crazy rockers with the spirituality of the Far East in an incredible way. In November, we will host these exceptional Japanese artists in Poland! Join us for a show that everyone will remember for a long time!

“If music is not the rhythm of life for someone, it will be after this concert.”

28 November 2016 – Krakow – ICE Kraków

Tickets available soon at ebilet.pl, eventim.pl, makroconcert.pl as well as in Empik stores.



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