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Congress and concert venues opened during the last decade are equipped with automated parking systems designed to monitor the availability of spaces for guests. The ICE Kraków Congress Centre, which has a 2-floor car park underground for 335 cars also has such a system in place. 

Introducing a metered automated parking system is also connected with safety concerns – the system ensures the safety of our guests by providing better control of vehicles entering the underground car park. 

Detailed terms and conditions are available HERE
Pricing table is available HERE

Concert Ticket

You can buy the concert ticket, which is a flat fee for parking at the parking lot for the duration of the ticketed show. Concert ticket is payable in advance at the automatic checkout parking no earlier than 1.5 hours before the show, valid until 1 hour after the show is finished. Concert ticket price is 15 PLN gross.

Key information:
1. The car part is unguarded, paid and available for all customers, renters and guests of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. 
2. The car park is open:
a) from Monday to Friday – from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
b) Saturday and Sunday – from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
3. On the days of concerts and other events organised at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, the availability of the car park will be extended to 1 hour after the end of the last event.
4. The car park is available for passenger vehicles with a maximum height of 2.1 metres and maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes. 
5. Stays shorter than 30 minutes are free of charge. After the period of 30 minutes is exceeded, it shall be counted as payable time. 
6. The fee for the first and further hours in the car park is 4 PLN gross. The parking fee shall be paid in one of two parking machines located near the entrances to staircase A at floor -1 and -2. The parking machines were properly marked. 
7. All current information regarding the operations of the car park will be available in advance at
8. The venue operator reserves the right to close parts of or the entire car park. Information regarding planned closing of parts or the entirety of the car park will be published in advance at The Operator is allowed to not inform about partial or total closures of the car park as described above in exceptional and unplanned circumstances.
9. A speed limit of 20 km/h is imposed in the entire area of the car park.
10. In the case of loss of a parking ticket, a flat-rate fee of 100 PLN gross is payable regardless of the time the vehicle was parked in the car park.
11. The terms and conditions of the car park are available at





Project co-financed by the European Union as part of the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013



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